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Fred's Steak

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This stuff from Schwab's seems revered in the bay area. I've just had it for the 3d time in the last month, and ... I'm sorry ... I think it is downright awful. It's waaaay overmarinated and appears to be a cheap cut of tri-tip to start. The marinade takes all the natural juices out of the steak, so you're left with a rubbery substance which I find pretty much inedible. I'm starting to cringe everytime I go somewhere to dinner, half-expecting the host to proudly announce that "we're having Fred's Steak". I sure there are defenders ... comments?

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  1. Revered by people in the Bay Area? I've never heard of it!

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      Haven't been following Palo Alto posts on Schaub's? (g) I've not had it either, but here's one posting that pretty much agrees with doc,

    2. Ahh yes, Fred's steaks... Cheap cuts of meat, and a marinade that is just "ok" in my book. A great marinade for flank steaks has but a few ingrediants :
      low sodium soy sauce, honey, brown sugar, olive oil, red pepper flakes, ginger, red wine vinegar, and minced fresh garlic. Now THAT'S a marinade!!

      1. I like Fred's. A copy cat is available at Lunardis.

        In defense of a "Fred's", they are very forgiving to being overcooked. They have a different taste than other marinades/rubs.

        To some, (including myself) they are salty.

        1. I am a defender - it's a little salty, so I agree with Alan408 - and doc, I'm wondering if you're slightly overcooking it.

          But overall, it's a piece of meat that consistently delivers and makes it super easy to entertain. The downside is that it's been getting so popular that Schaub's has consistently raised the price by $1/lb each year for the past few years. So it's no longer the bargain that it used to be at $6.99/lb.

          1. At its current price (something like $14.99/lb for a TRI-TIP, fergawdsakes), it can be very disappointing. I don't know if it is just the outrageous price influencing my tastebuds, but it does seem to have grown more salty over the years. You can get a much better cut of meat for less money and season it to your own taste. It just won't have that "marinated in motor oil" look that everyone seems to like.

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              " I've even worked with the Master Chef's at Fleur De Lys in SF and The Culinary Academy........ " Who in particular ???? >)