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Mar 18, 2007 03:45 PM

Litchfield Beach food recs

We have a condo down at Litchfield yet we always seem to go to the same places to eat. Any reccomendations?

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  1. I'm like you in that regard. We always go to Louis's at Pawley's located in the Hammock Shops center. There is a little Italian place we tried last year based on a menu we found at someone's condo. It's called Antipasto's. They've got NY-NJ roots and do a good job. It's a small joint in a nondescript little strip center up in Surfside. They serve mussels in white wine w/tarragon that is very good. Their calamari is good. Their pizza is good, although probably nowhere in the neighborhood of Otto (I've read some of your posts). They also do a fried dough with ricotta filling (can't recall the proper Italian name) that is amazing. I've seen Mario make it on TV as an appetizer but these guys make a big one. It's under House Specialties on the menu. I was in there one mid-afternoon and they were sauteeing some shrimp with jalapeƱos to serve over rice for the kitchen crew and I commented it smelled wonderful so they brought us a serving, gratis. It's that kind of place. They deliver, too.



    323 Hwy 17 North
    Surfside Beach, SC

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      That sounds good, I'll have to give it a try. We used to go to Louis's alot, but the last few times the food hasn't been as good as usual. I tried the lunch place out on the deck and it was good, yet overpriced. Used to go to Flo's...but it's gotten not as good as well. I like Frank's Outback...not as much for the food as for the atmoshere...want to try the pizza. I've been to Austin's and it was bad. Used to like the Rice Paddy in Georgetown, but that's gone downhill too. We get takeout from Hanser House, and they're good. Curious about Nance's Creek Front Restaurant. Perrone's deli is REALY REALLY good, they have great curried chicken salad. When I'm at the beach I always tend to go for fried seafood (or broiled), so any good place like that?

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        Hate to hear that about Louis's but now that you mention it the last time I had his shrimp and grits it was way unbalanced with so much sauce I couldn't even taste the grits. I said something but no one seemed to care. I like hanging out on his deck when the weather is nice. His Sunday brunch is the only place I know to get rice and gravy _exactly_ as my mother made it.

        We've tried Frank's but always gravitated back to Louis's. i checked out Hanser House's website. I'll try them next time I'm at the coast. Haven't been to Nance's or Perrone's. Gotta check out their curried chicken salad.

        We used to go up to Calabash for fried seafood. Learned to eat oysters there. That was a looong time ago. It predates the ubiquitous Calabash seafood buffets. At the moment I can only recommend The Wreck in Mt. Pleasant for fried seafood. I know somebody that could give a good rec but I won't see him until September. I'll make it a point to ask him then and report back.