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Mar 18, 2007 03:23 PM

New store in 5 Towns

I just saw a sign for a store called "Burgers Bar" on Central Ave across from Judaica Plus. Will this be a kosher store? (I assume, since it would be silly to open a non kosher eating establishment on such a prime location). I assume they will be selling Burgers - can't see a bar surviving at that location. Any heads up information would be appreciated

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  1. Burgers Bar is an Israel chain which is opening some stores in the NY area. I recently met the Israeli owner and his NY based partner. Yes, it is kosher. I think they want to open in Teaneck as well.

    1. There's a Burgers Bar on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn...they're probably trying to hit the next gastronimic center in the NY area.

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        Have you been in the one on CI Avenue? What do they carry?

        1. re: PapaT

          Yes. Burgers, of course.

          They have different weight burgers- some are spicy. They have different accompanying sauces- chimichuri, pesto, garlic mayo, bbq. Grilled steak and grilled chicken salads are also sold. French fries are potato rounds with skin and are pretty tasty.

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            Thanks for the details -of course I'd love to know more about what the specialty burgers are (as well as the prices etc..) but I guess that I'll have to wait until they open.

            Slightly off topic but I heard about a place in Suffolk County (Long Island) where you can buy different cuts of meat by the pound and then go into another area where you get to cook it yourself with all the different sauces they have available to you. I wonder whether this would fly at a kosher establishment.