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Mar 18, 2007 03:05 PM

Local source for Ethiopian spices?

Does anybody know of a place in town where I could buy Ethiopian spice blends, like berbere and mitmita?

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  1. Brian,

    You might want to check out these websites, if no one has any information on where to find these spices locally:


    1. Thanks. I might just pick some up next time I'm in New York if I can't find it here.

      1. Fiesta is always a good place to try. I know they sell teff, so it seems probable that they'd have your spices as well. Alternatively, google a recipe for the blends and pick up the component spices from the bulk department at Fiesta or Central Market (Whole Foods too, but Central Market's got a larger bulk spice selection).

        1. Another couple of options are Phoenicia Delil. They carry ethnic foods from all over the world, the one on Burnet Rd I believe is much bigger. Also, in the Austin Chronicle this past week there was a blurb about an Ethiopian restaurant opening near UT, you could ask them for their sources: Aster's Ethiopian (2804 N. I-35, 469-5966).

          I hope you find what you are looking for.

          1. There's a small but good selection of Ethio ingredients at MGM Indian Foods at 7429 Burnet (, including berbere, teff, and frankincense.

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