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Mar 18, 2007 03:03 PM

Trader Vic's

Has anyone been there yet? I don't remember the food being anything special way back in the day. Is it supposed to be anything other than a place to drink this time around?

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  1. NB: I work at the Scottsdale Vic's.

    You may do well to ask this on your local board (likely the Texas board, since I'm guessing you're talking about the newly opened Dallas location); while Vic's is an international chain, I think each one is a little bit different enough to warrant asking on local boards. At the very least, the moderators haven't bumped any discussion of the Scottsdale location over here to Chains.

    If the Dallas location is anything like the Scottsdale location, the advice I give about it is the same as any brand new restaurant... don't go expecting peak performance for a month or two. New restaurants ALWAYS have kinks to work out both on the service side and on the menu that are only evident once the place is up and running at full speed.

    1. This is a sad day....Trader's in Beverly Hills is now closed! The best Mai Tai on the planet!

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        I've heard for a while that it may be closing soon. I'm very sad to hear that the oldest location in the chain is gone.

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          The Beverly Hills location closed?! I'm SO sad! I have such fond memories of going there wtih my family growing up...My dad would take us at least once a year...the decor, the tiki cups even for the kid's drinks, the big ovens for the lamb, the crab puffs. Serioulsy happy childhood memories.