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Best Upper East Side Delivery Places

Hi Everyone,
My wife and I are always trying to find new places to order in from on the upper east side, (80th and 1st). We are getting a little bored of the usual places and wanted to see if anyone had any more interesting UES delivery options.
Let us know!

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  1. Pio Pio is peruvian, very good
    Sushi Hana is a fave as well

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      Try Beyoglu...it's really nice Mediterranean

      1. re: LFeinberg

        Love Beyoglu, but they don't deliver.

      1. re: valerie

        Pio Pio is fabulous but delivery can sometimes take literally an hour or more.

        I get certain dishes from Penang (beef rendang) often, Wu Liang Ye when I want Chinese (great spicy Szechuan dumplings), occasionally Don Pedro's for Latin/Dominican but it's a little expensive for what it is. Pita Grill for salad standbys, the one on 2nd in the 80's is a reliable one. Didn't know Beyoglu did delivery, one of my faves, will have to do that myself!

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          The Pita Grill on 2nd has moved to 1st but I think the phone # is unchanged.


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            Pio Pio - I don't get it. It's just bland chicken that becomes passable with their green sauce. You folks who think this is delicious chicken need to get up to Wash Hts / Inwood or Jackson Hts sometime for some really good chicken. (I know, this is supposed to be a thread on places for delivery...)

            On the other hand, the few times I've ordered from Pio Pio, it's only taken them about 30 mins to deliver to me near the 86th & Lex area.

        2. Let me suggest Persepolis for very good Persian food.

          1. i love, love, love Pio Pio.
            Tokubei has great chirashi.
            jasmines has good thai.
            pita grill has good paninis.
            taco taco for mexican.
            barking dog has good comfort/american (but don't get the fries on delivery...they will be soggy)

            1. I love Spice for amazing thai (there is an even better place on 77th and 1st called Sew something, but I cannot think of the name of) Dallas BBQ's for some quick, cheap food. And one night definitely order pizza from Giorgio's it's my fave pizza in Manhattan.

              Menupages.com should help you out if your looking for something new, they also have all the menus and phone numbers and you can organize your search by neighborhood. It is one of the most useful food pages out there.

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                The Thai place on 77th & 1st is Sa-Woy. I have eaten there a few times and was impressed and satisfied.

                1479 1st Ave, New York, NY 10075

              2. my standbys when i lived in the area were:
                yuka for cheap but decent japanese
                vespa, la rughetta, or mangiarini for italian
                beyoglu for pick up (they didn't deliver)
                tamarind for indian
                thai...nothing i really liked up there. the best i thought was viang ping.
                saigon grill for vietnamese (not the best, but i thought better than the other options up there)
                ethiopian restaurant for something a little different

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                  I like Ichiro for cheap but quite good Japanese. I believe Saigon Grill is still closed.

                2. BBQ for bbq (great value, kids love it), Tony Di Napoli's for chicken a la tony, Pio Pio, Buritoville, Vermicelli for asian noodles, Luigis for pizza and basic Italian, Jackson HOle for Burgers

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                    my favs:
                    Italian/Pizza: Al Forno / Liberta
                    Burgers / Wings: Jackson Hole / Bar Coastal (try the chicken littles buffalo style!)
                    Mexican: Cilantro / Blockheads
                    Asian: Yimmas / Jasmini thai (don't take my word for it... i don't eat that stuff much)
                    Other: Pita Grill / Burger Heaven

                    1. re: christinaemcc

                      Wu Liang Ye from 86th. Fast and great hot authentic takeout.

                  2. Chinese-Szechuan Kitchen-212-249-4615-they come at lightning speed and my fave esp. for lo mien.
                    Pio Pio is great but I definitely prefer to eat in house-i think delivery time steams chicken a bit more than I prefer.
                    For the best Chines BBQ ribs-Pig Heaven!! 212-744-4333
                    Charcoal broiled chicken-Chirping Chicken-212-517-9888
                    Sushi/asian fusion w delicious innovative menu: Ging-212722-8808
                    Italian-Luigi's on 1st /88th

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                      I think SABOR a Mexico on 90th and 1 or 2nd has the best mexican in the area

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                        I still need to try them. We usually walk up to El Paso Taqueria on E. 97th.

                    2. We used to love Blockheads on 2nd Ave...quick and cheap and very filling.