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Mar 18, 2007 02:13 PM

Looking for Brunch Inspiration

I'm hosting a book club meeting at my home next weekend and I'm trying to fiture out my menu. I usually make different kinds of frittata but my niece (who hosted the last meeting) made all kinds of strata and muffins and baked oatmeal. I think I'd like to try for some different things.

I'm considering making more of a lunch-type brunch: devilled eggs; tossed salad; goat cheese tart etc. Any thoughts or suggestions? Do you think that's brunch-y enough? Any suggestions? Any ideas for a special but easy dessert?

If it's of any import the book is "Little Children".


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  1. I had a caesar salad with a poached egg on top where you break the yolk and it becomes part of the dressing. The egg might make it more brunch-like than tossed salad. And, you could use some thick bacon in it. Slivers of parmesan on top.

    1. For "Little Children" you could do little foods - mini quiche, mini sandwiches, etc.

      1. mini sandwiches:
        truffled egg salad
        ham and cheese
        turkey, avocado, bacon

        salmon mousse or smoked salmon with dark bread

        sesame chicken on skewers

        asparagus spears wrapped with prosciutto

        baked figs, stuffed with gorgonzola

        couscous with lots of fresh herbs, almonds or pinenuts, golden raisins and olives

        fruit salad

        nigella's clementine cake has become a go-to for me

        cookies, brownies and cupcakes always go well for buffets too

        1. Can I find the Clementine Cake online or can you post an approximation hotoynoodle?

          Thanks! Sounds really good...keep them coming!

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            enter clementine cake in the search box here and you'll get tons of info, plus the recipe. it's best made ahead too, even 3 or 4 days.

            1. Since the title's "Little Children" you could do "kid" food. Some ideas:

              Macaroni and cheese
              Grilled cheese with tomato soup
              Chicken fingers

              All of those can easily be dressed up to suit grown-up tastes just by the ingredients you use and presentation. For dessert an easy (and my personal favorite) could be ice cream sundaes. Or you could make an ice cream sundae bar and let people make their own. Another fun dessert is ice cream sandwiches, and you can do that as a bar too, with different cookies laid out and different ice cream flavors.