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Mar 18, 2007 02:05 PM

carroll gardens all-star chow finds

so I'm dogsitting in carroll gardens (but interested in the surrounding, walkable area) for a week, and after combing the boards, I've already had over the past few days:

1. lard bread from mazolla's - great
2. pork sandwich from esposito's - really moist flavorful pork loin
3. rice balls and prosciutto balls from joe's superette - not sure which was which, but I liked the ricey yellow one better than the tomato-y one
4. nino's slice - meh
5. soul spot - fried chicken kinda bland, some sides good tho
6. custard pastry from oriental pastry - very good, not overpoweringly sweet
7. spinach pie from sahadi's - purty good, but too hectic there
8. fennel twist things from Caputo's - needed an extra 5 minutes in the oven, but good

on my to do list:
1. Chicory (any suggestions?)
2. went to Ferdinando's but it was closed on Sunday! (anyone know their hours?)
3. Fragole
4. Haven't hit Lucali's yet, but I will

anyway, if anyone can add to the above list, I've got a week left. any and all suggestions are welcome, thanks! Incidentally, I've been shopping at the two Met supermarkets in the area for kitchen basics, so any other grocers or speciality suggestions would be great too.

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  1. Chicory has GREAT fried chicken. I also like the fish po boy (can't remember exactly what they call it--The Whaler, perhaps?) Cafe on Clinton (at Warren) is just a nice local joint with solid food. French deli next door has some nice take-out possibilities. Ferdinando's on Union is a must for old time Sicilian, so go back! I personally like Sam's pizza on Court, but some people differ. Don't order anything other than the pizza. Newly reopened bakery on the same block as Esposito's has great cookies. Fried Calzone at House of Pizza and Calzone--the broccoli rabe and sausage one is yummy. Stinky Brooklyn on smith and Fish Tales on court are pricey but have excellent quality offerings.

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    1. re: Carol Gardens

      wow. fried calzone with sausage and rabe? that's nuts and . . . next on my list. I saw the place earlier today when I was disappointedly waiting for Ferdinando's to open (never did) but it didn't look like anything special

      also, I dipped into that bakery next to esposito's but I didn't get anything, looked good tho and packed.

    2. Waterfalls for Middle Eastern. It's on Atlantic between Henry & Clinton, south side. I've liked everything I've had there. One of my faves is mhammara (sweet pepper dip). Get a container to go, pick up some fresh pita at Damascus Bakery (also Atlantic, near Sahadi...I'm particularly fond of the sesame pita) and you've got some fine noshing.

      Delicatessen on Clinton and Verandah, next to Cobble Hill Park. Excellent sandwiches. Fresh roasted ham, turkey, pork (I think) daily. Homemade ciabatta bread. Very good homemade hot and cold dishes, salads. Small but good cheese selection. The owner's French, and it really is more like an amalgam of a French charcuterie/cheese shop/etc. than a New York deli. Highly recommend, especially if you catch a warm, sunny day. I love to pick up a sandwich there, and have lunch in the park with a book or newspaper.

      I think Ferdinando's closes at 5:00, except for one evening. Seems like they started staying open one night until around 8:00, but I might have dreamed it. I usually go mid-week, early afternoon.

      1. "6. custard pastry from oriental pastry - very good, not overpoweringly sweet"
        Uh, what???? Am I missing something. Where is this place?

        I'd add:
        A cocktail from the Brooklyn Social Club
        If Fragole, go on their 1/2 price wine bottle night. Splurge a bit!
        Fatoosh on Atlantic for arabic. Not Carroll Gardens, but close.
        Paisanos meat market. Don't believe the hype on Staubitz. I love Staubitz but I also love Paisanos which is almost as high quality and easily 40% less price. And old school atmosphere.
        Tuesday or Weds $25 pre fixe at Chestnut- essential.
        D'amico coffee for ,

        Have fun!

        So where is this Chinese bakery?

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        1. re: Larry Brooks

          Oriental Pastry is an arabic grocery/bakery on Atlantic, across the street from Sahadis. Nice people, good food.

          I bookmarked this excellent Carroll G thread
          that lard bread is so so so so good
          people were discussing another spot on Court (close to Union) that is reopened, and it would be worth trying the lard bread there...I find it hard to imagine anything beating Mazzola on that count

          In the Dept of Obvious: grocery-wise, you're pretty close to Sahadi's
          I see you've been there...if you can go during the week it's sooooo much more pleasant
          I love Sahadi's without the crowds!

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          1. re: pitu

            ya, sahadi's was out of control on saturday afternoon; I thought it was way too hectic; zabar-like. but I always thought it was a much smaller place.

            1. re: bigjeff

              you can get your number at Sahadi and then keep shopping. that makes it bearable. That and the guys are quick and good. though I was in there a week ago and just wanted sesame seeds - left when I found Id have to take a number.

            2. re: pitu

              I've seen the lard bread in a number of places, but the consensus seems to be mazzola's. it was very good and held in high regard for a reason.

              another thing I'm looking to pick up is sfogliatelle from court pastry shop; read about it in a separate bronx post and I always love that pastry.

            3. We have to have a moment of silence for the departed Joe Balzano's cheese store (Latticini Barese) on Union Street opposite Ferdinando's.

              They had the best mozzarella in the area.

              I was told they were offered a 'nice' amount of money to sell the building - it's is now occupied by a real estate agent. There goes the neighborhood.