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Mar 18, 2007 01:51 PM

Time-crunch lunch between Gallerie Borghese and Scavi Tour

On a Friday in late May, we'll be finishing our 2 hr. session at the Borghese at 11:00 and heading towards the Vatican for a Scavi tour at 1:45. Should we try to fit in a restaurant meal, and if so, where? I've read great reviews of Osteria dell Angelo near the Vatican.

Or would it be wiser to have a pannini or take-out? Any recommendations between these two locations?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. My recommendation is to get a panini or something quick. If you plan to take a bus from the museum to St. Peter's for the Scavi tour, you will probably have to find one near the museum that goes all the way to Vatican City (if there is one) or you have to go to San Silvestro bus terminal and change to another bus. You won't have enough time to eat a sit-down lunch and make your reservation for the Scavi, wher they want you to be about 15 minutes before your scheduled tour. It's a good distance from Borghese to St. Peter's so plan to have a big dinner instead.

    1. I also think its tight. Assuming you come right over to the Prati/Vatican area, restaurants may not be open for lunch - many dont open til 12:30. In terms of geography, Osteria dell'Angelo is closest to Metro Ottaviano in the opposite direction from the Vatican, probably a 20 min quick walk from the the entrance to the Scavi excavations, which are on the left of the piazza. So its not particularly close.You might be able to have their fixed lunch menu in an hour or so. I suggest you call the restaurant and see when they open to see whether its doable. L'Isola di Pizza is a few blocks closer in the same area, but their website says they open at 12:30. Ive not looked into your best transit options - you might even consider walking over, grabbing some coffee and panini at a bar on the way. The walk through the gardens toward Piazza Spagna is very nice, as is the walk through old Rome and across the Ponte San Angelo..

      1. Make a reservation for a nice dinner that day and just go to a bar or pizza al taglio for lunch. I found Osteria dell'Angelo disappointing, but in any case don't even consider it for a day you're in a hurry.

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          Thanks for the great information. We'll do a grab-it-and-go lunch and then have a leisurely dinner. Now I just need to decide which restaurant to pick from my list. This is more complicated because my husband will just have 2 nights in Rome (I'll be staying a week) and we'd love an outdoor dinner with great food in the Pantheon/Navonna/Trasevere area. I know this kind of question is old hat on this board, so I'm off to do some research among old posts!