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Mar 18, 2007 01:05 PM

Brunch on Marco Island or Naples next Sunday

We're looking for a place for 4 to have brunch preferably with a buffet because there's a lot of different palates. The Olde Marco Inn was our choice because we're staying on Marco Island but I just found out they no longer serve brunch soo....any other suggestions? Also, please provide appropriate dress for wherever you might suggest.

If there's nothing on Marco Island, anything in Naples would be OK as well since we have to pick my mom up at the Greyhound station Sunday morning and she will be joining us for brunch.

Looking for a wide assortment of food, preferably as a brunch in a nice atmosphere where we can all just sit and visit. If dress is a bit casual that would be even better.


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  1. We used to do a fabulous buffet at the regency in Naples - might want to check to see if it's under new management though and if they still have it. It was excellent.

    1. Can't find a hotel by the name regency in Naples. Only thing I can find is Hyatt in Coconut Grove. Is that what u meant? I'm thinking we're going to do the Everglades buffet in the Naples Beach hotel. Hopefully it'll be good because it is the only thing I've found other than the Ritz and we're not springing for that.

      1. They were speaking of The Registry, that is now the Naples Grand. The brunch was wonderful but pricey around 40 per person.

        1. YOur right it was the Registry, thank you. is Naples Grand doing a brunch now?

          1. I think the Grande does brunch, so does the Ritz. On Marco, you could try the Marriott or the Hilton, they both do brunch.