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Newport RI this time of year?

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Heading in that direction on Tuesday next and wonder if the usual good placed we have frequented in the summer are open this time of year.

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  1. Most places are open, can you be specific?

    1. ok. To get good grub...

      Broadway on the NW side of Newport is always a good bet to find great eats.
      Spark is a killer place for creative food. For casual trendy, there's POP kitchen+cocktails. Excellent liquor list and even though it's a club-type place, there's plenty of places to be intimate. 180 degrees is next to Spark and has a great liquor selction as well as a casual atmosphere and still great food. For cool international, there's La Balandra. Not a pretentious place, just a place to go and get

      check the food places on Broadway... www.heartofnewport.com/dine.php

      If you're going really posh, there's Bouchard. Classic French, true to the dining style. Not trendy, definitely a place to go for the dining experience. It's down on the waterfront, Thames St.

      Jumbo Lump

      1. The Rhumbline in the Point district (near the goat island causeway) is a good place for upscale pub fare and perfectly poured drafts of guiness.

        1. the Salvation Cafe is quirky (takes its name literally) with good stuff