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Mar 18, 2007 12:51 PM

Newport RI this time of year?

Heading in that direction on Tuesday next and wonder if the usual good placed we have frequented in the summer are open this time of year.

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  1. Most places are open, can you be specific?

    1. ok. To get good grub...

      Broadway on the NW side of Newport is always a good bet to find great eats.
      Spark is a killer place for creative food. For casual trendy, there's POP kitchen+cocktails. Excellent liquor list and even though it's a club-type place, there's plenty of places to be intimate. 180 degrees is next to Spark and has a great liquor selction as well as a casual atmosphere and still great food. For cool international, there's La Balandra. Not a pretentious place, just a place to go and get

      check the food places on Broadway...

      If you're going really posh, there's Bouchard. Classic French, true to the dining style. Not trendy, definitely a place to go for the dining experience. It's down on the waterfront, Thames St.

      Jumbo Lump

      1. The Rhumbline in the Point district (near the goat island causeway) is a good place for upscale pub fare and perfectly poured drafts of guiness.

        1. the Salvation Cafe is quirky (takes its name literally) with good stuff