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Mar 18, 2007 12:50 PM

Temptations Indian Restaurant, DFW CLOSED??

Does any one know if the Temptations (Indian Chinese) restaurant is open or temporarily closed? I visited there on Saturday March 17th at 8 pm and it was closed, and i tried calling them in the afternoon also, nobody is picking up the phone. I have a party there next weekend and i am worried!

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  1. Which one? They have an uptown Dallas and an Irving location. Uptown's open for business and makes a super vindaloo if you ask for it.

    1. Last I saw the doors locked and chained on 03/25/07. I have scheduled a baby-shower for the 21st of april. Don't know what's to happen with that :(!

      1. For lease sign on the building. Offering a fully outfitted restaurant. McKinney Ave. Location