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Mar 18, 2007 12:49 PM

Good dinner for a group in the Mission.

Anyone have any thoughts? I live in LA now, so I'm out of the loop. I'm looking for a place in the Mission for dinner for 10-12 people. More formal than a burrito, but not too formal. And no tapas (the answer for "good for a group in the Mission?" is always "tapas"). Thanks, all.

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  1. I don't know what kind of food you have in LA, but you could have a great dinner (any night but Monday) at Lotus Garden, my favorite Vietnamese place in the outer mission area. Dungeness crab is in season and they do some delicious versions there.

    3216 Mission Street
    Cross Streets Valencia and 29th
    (415) 282-9088

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      i'm not sure if you'd consider senegalese food small plates or tapas, but it's always a good time at bissap balbab

      (next door to cha cha cha)

    2. And for a small place Lotus Garden is very good for groups.

      1. Recently we had a chowdown at Lotus Garden and they were extremely accomodating of our 11-person group:

        I would also recommend El Delfin, a sit-down Mexican place which gets lots of nods on this board. I very much like their seafood dishes, particularly anything with prawns or tilapia.

        At neither place is a reservation generally necessary, but with a group of your size I would recommend calling in advance.

        1. I've ocassionally run into problems with El Delfin closing early for lack of business. I really can't figure out why they're not packed all of the time. Its super super good, but if you plan to go, I would give them a call in advance.

          1. Pauline's pizza--you can make reservations for groups of 8 or more. My favorite pizza, in California anyway.