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will there ever be a good, clean, diary place that isn't too expensive in Manhattan?

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  1. I'm addicted to the Hummus Place on Amsterdam. It helps, of course, if you like hummus, but they have other things, such as their delicious stuffed grape leaves, which come in a wonderful mint/yogurt sauce. It's not cheap for hummus, but everything is incredibly fresh (as in prepared that hour) and tasty.

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      Anyone know who gives the kosher certification for Hummus Place?

    2. According to kosher-ny.com, it's certified by Rabbi Andre Malek, but I have no other information about him.

      1. Apparently, he's the certifier for a couple vegan places in NYC. I don't know anything else.

        1. U Cafe on Lexington and 94th is really nice, and clean, and the food is good.

          1. well most of the indian places in the city are pretty good -- have you been to any of them? and Ozu is vegetarian -- and it is outstanding! Caravan of Dreams is Vegan - also pretty good -- but for good, cheap dairy (like a pasta house...) - the likes of dougie's dairy is sadly long gone (but they may be opening one up in washington heights I hear).

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              Oh my, how could I forget to mention my favorite place, Madras Mahal, on Lexington and 28th. Really delicious vegetarian Indian. Yes, I also forgot Ozu, which is very good, especially if you prefer healthy food.

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                The cafe at Makor will close when Makor moves downtown in the fall, I think, but until then I think it's a good option. I've always been happy with the food that I've gotten there, and it's clean and reasonably attractive.
                Of the Indian places, my favorite is Chennai Gardens, on 27th between Lex and Park.

              2. Depends what time of day-- if you're looking for a breakfast and luncheonette-type place Diamond Dairy on 47th Street between 5th and 6th Aves.

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                  Diamond Dairy was quite a unique experience for someone like me from LA.

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                    The original post asked for a place that is good and clean. Diamond Dairy meets neither criteria.

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                      I agree, but it is interesting and their blintzes were good.

                2. Cafe V (Park ave, btw 97th and 98th) is tasty, cheap, and the service is excellent. I really recommend you check it out, especially since it's survival depends on word of mouth.

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                    Hi - I think you mean U Cafe? It is really very, very good. Reminds me a great Israeli cafe. The food is always delicous, the space is warm , and the prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend.

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                      No, V does exist, in the location firestarrz provides. With the pattern of dairy restaurants opening in the neighborhood, my husband and I eagerly await the arrival of W.

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                        U cafe is a eally nice cafe with seating and table service and yummy food, and is nice a and clean. Vegetarian Cafe/V cafe is a hole in the wall sandwich joint with really good food.

                        I recommend both.