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Mar 18, 2007 12:17 PM

Beard Papa grrrrr....!

I love beard papa. However, not all are created equal. I went to the new one in monterey park twice in the last month. The first time i tried to take my out of town sisters there., i set one foot in the door and the tiny teenage girl cried out in a chipper voice "Welcome to beard papa! We're all out of cream puffs!" All. out. of. cream. puffs. But they did have "cheesecake sticks" (barf). My jaw actually dropped and i stood there gaping at her for a good ten seconds while i tried to recover from the blow i'd just been dealt. Next time, i went in, a tiny teenage boy shouted "Welcome to Beard Papa!" I said "i'd like an eclair cream puff with green tea filling" He said "Oh, we can't put the special flavors in the chocolate coated ones." I said "really, because I have done that very thing at other beard papa's" He said "sorry, it's company policy, We just can't" Now, i don't blame the boy, but isn't that "company policy" the same thing as an ice cream shop saying "Oh, sorry, you can't have your sundae with strawberry ice cream. we only do vanilla. Company policy!" Basically, the company policy is "don't give the customer what they want" So I had a regular eclair one. tasty. but i missed my green tea...

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  1. I may sound like a broken record when it comes to Beard Papa, but do yourself a favor and get the ultimate in cream puffs, or Choux a la Creme.

    Patisserie Chantillie at 2383 Lomita blvd in Lomita has the best ones that I have personally tried, and I feel they leave BP in the dust. They not only have the best cream puffs, but they also have a variation using black sesame in the choux and a nice shoyu glaze drizzled on top, with a sprinkle of black sesame seeds for good measure. Prt of why they have the best cream puffs is that they don't make them until you order them. This assures you won't be handed a soggy spongy thing that used to be a cream puff, but one that is firm, aromatic, and ready to burst with flavor when you bite into it. The wait can be a few minutes, but sometimes it can be even fifteen minutes, as sometimes I've gone there right when they are still getting the pastries out of the oven which need to cool for the choux. But they are worth the wait, and it gives me an excuse to order something else in the mean time...

    Along with that, you can have one of the best cups of coffee on this side of the Atlantic , and you can pick from one of probably 15 other dessert items, as well as cookies too. I can't praise this place enough. I can't even have Beard Papa anymore because of Chantilly.