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Mar 18, 2007 12:08 PM

Aguila y Sol closed?

Will be in DF the first week of April. The concierge at our hotel says Aguila y Sol is moving and will be closed that week. Does anyone have any information about this move and when they are reopening? Any suggestions for a replacment dinner would be great.
We are dining at Pujol, Naos, Tezka, Izote, and Hacienda de Los Morales. Thank you.

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  1. I talked with Aguila y Sol last week (around the 13th) to make reservations for friends for March 30. The woman who took the reservation said that they were indeed moving but that they do not yet have a date set. She thought it might be as soon as the time you mention.

    In terms of a replacement dinner, if Aguila y Sol is not open, you might want to try either El Tajín in Coyoacán (with owner/chef Alicia Gironella d'Angelis, the grande dame of the Mexican kitchen) or Azul y Oro on the UNAM campus, with chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, one of the brightest stars currently cooking in Mexico.

    I recommend either for comida--the main meal of the day in Mexico.

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      The former chef from Aguila y Sol works at the "Diana restaurant" at the St Regis Hotel in Mexico City, the best bet would be to go to there, he is also the formet owner of Vina Gourmet in pedregal, his name is Enrique Farjeat, I had the best chorizo fideos at Aguila y Sol, I still dream about that dish!

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        Martha Ortiz Chapa, owner of Aguila y Sol, has reopened. The name of her new place is Dulce Patria, also in Polanco, and connected to the Las Alcobas hotel.

    2. We were in M.C. last year during Easter week. It does like many restaurants close for a few days of that week. Call before you go, but go no matter what. A dinner there is worth planning for.