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Mar 18, 2007 12:02 PM

Lebanese Rice Recipe?

I've had a Lebanese rice dish several times that was marvelous. Definite ingredients were cinnamon and pine nuts. The web has turned up a few variations with ground lamb, something I've never cooked with before (and that I'm fairly sure was not on my plate previously). Any experience with this dish? Recipe suggestions? Is the lamb overpowering or subtle? Would ground turkey be an adequate substitute?

If this helps in any way, it was served with a grilled garlicky-lemon chicken in all instances. Garlicky-lemon chicken currently marinating away in the fridge, so I'm hoping for a good accompaniment before dinner time!

Other Lebanese side dishes or desserts also welcome. Thanks!

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  1. I make lebanese rice but it's plain with vermicelli. You could cook up your lemon chicken and serve it on the side.

    Instead of water, I use chicken broth.

      1. I believe you're talking about Lebanese rice with Hushwey (hushway)...My mom's got a great recipe and I'll phone her for it...

        She uses ground round- ground lamb is hard to get ahold of sometimes- pine nuts and allspice in her mix.