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Mar 18, 2007 11:51 AM

Ethiopian in Manhattan

Looking for authentic Ethiopian with some good spices in manhattan.

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  1. Meskerem down by NYU is great.

    1. There are 4 Ethiopian restaurants in New York that I'm aware of.

      Awash, on the Upper West Side
      Ghenet in Nolita
      Massawa way uptown (west harlem maybe?)
      Meskerem (locations in the West Village, Hell's Kitchen and UWS)

      I've never been to Awash or Massawa, so I won't comment on those, but I have heard good things about both.

      Meskerem (WV and HK) and Ghenet are both run by Ethiopian families, so I'm guessing they're fairly authentic. Of the two, I prefer Ghenet, mostly for the atmosphere, but I also find their flavoring a little more complex. Ghenet's injera is a little spongier and more sour, which I prefer.

      If you want very spicy, try the Kategna appetizer at Ghenet and ask for it hot -- it's delicious and will set your mouth on fire.

      Both are pretty cheap, although Meskerem is cheaper.

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        don't forget queens of sheba (info below) which is my personal favorite. been to a few of the mesekerems, been to ghenet, I still like queen of sheba. and fave dish? the very rare beef passed through butter (not sure of exact name or wording) but, its delicious.

      2. Also, one on York in the 80's....forget the name. Food was very good.

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        1. re: olympusnyc

          Well the name is forgettable (or unforgettable depending on how you think about it): Ethiopian Restaurant.

        2. Awash is pretty darned tasty, and in the great East Village neighborhood, so there's plenty of good walking around to do after the meal. (The prices are good as well, and the Tej honeywine...yum!)

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          1. re: gaijingirl

            Did Awash move downtown? I could swear they used to be uptown, but I'd be psyched to have another downtown option!

          2. also Queen of Sheba on 10th ave in the low 40s. i've got nothing to compare it against, but i've been there three times and enjoyed each visit.