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Mar 18, 2007 11:33 AM

Unpasturized products in NH?

I am looking for unpasturized daily products... anyone know of any local farms that sell it? I cannot even find it at the natural food store, which is kind of sad.

While in Europe I was astonished at how wonderful the milk and cheese taste because they do not always pasturize everything.

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  1. It's illegal for stores to sell raw milk in NH. It is legal for individual farms to sell small quantities of raw milk.

    There are a number of raw milk cheeses made in New England, and they are all easily found in stores.

    That said, don't drink raw milk. While it may taste better than pasteurized, it carries a huge, huge risk of making you very ill.

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      Don't believe it!
      Actually our food processing system these days causes a much larger risk than raw dairy. Spinach? Taco Bell?
      There have been many more infection outbreaks from regular milk than raw milk.
      I've been drinking raw dairy for years and in other countries they do the same. The dairy industry keeps you scared. I'm a physician and have read much about the subject. There are enzymes in raw mik that kill bacteria. When you pasteurize you lose the enzymes, nutrients and every other good thing in the milk.

      Here are many places with raw dairy. It is in stores in California and 100% legal there, so it couldn't be all that horrible.

      New Hampshire

      Alstead: Flying Cloud Dairy, Bill and Ellen Jahos, 427 Hill rd. , Alstead , NH 03602, phone (603) 835-2519. Pasture based raw jersey milk and cream, minimal organic grain.
      Amherst: The Nunley family. Raw Jersey milk, cream, butter, buttermilk. Grass fed summer, hay fed winter. 54 Ponemah Rd., Amherst. (On Rte 122 across from Ponemah Greens Golf course.) Kevin and Kathie Nunley (603)249-9982.
      Bedford: The Educational Farm at Joppa Hill, 174 Joppa Hill Road, Bedford, NH 03110. Carol Whitson, (603) 472-4724, , Raw milk (cow and goat) from organic/biodynamic grass fed animals, grass fed beef, pastured pork and poultry, farm tours, summer farm camp, natural horsemanship lessons and training. Modified CSA farm.
      Brookfield: Via Lactea Farm and Brookfield Dairy Goat Milk Products, Jenny and Andy Tapper 366 Stoneham Rd, Brookfield, NH 03872,, , (603) 522-3626. Raw Goat milk in returnable glass bottles available at on- farm store. Grade A licensed goat milk producer and on farm processing of raw (aged) and pasteurized (fresh) milk cheeses including farmhouse gouda, feta and chevre, plus goat milk yogurt and frozen yogurt. Also offering their own maple syrup, fresh eggs, chicken, goat, and pork. Farm store open Wednesday-Sunday, 9-6., March - December. Call or visit website for directions.
      Canterbury: Hidden Wonders Farm, 305 Baptist Hill, Steve Allman, (603) 783-9648, . Organic raw milk from their two pasture-fed Jersey and Guernsey cows. Pasture fed pork, chicken and eggs, natural sea salt, Carlson's cod liver oil, azomite, Rapadura whole sugar, veggies in season and much more!
      Columbia: Rella & Sons Farm, Paul Rella, 77 Marshall Hill Rd. Columbia, NH 03576. (603) 237-4346. Raw milk & cream available. Jersey cow - grass fed all summer, hay in winter.
      Hampton Falls: Jesta Farm, 190 Drinkwater Road, Sue Veilleux, (603) 772-6963, . Nubian Dairy Goats, raw milk, fresh eggs, milk raised pork, Nubian breeding stock, semen, goat milk soap.
      Keene: Stonewall Farm, Raw milk from Holsteins. Awarded Dairy of Distinction citation by the State of New Hampshire.
      Monroe: Maple Hill Farm Rt 135, Monroe, NH 03771. Phone:(603) 638-2647, .
      The Morrison Family. A former NH Dairy of Distinction, they are a small family run Certified Organic Dairy Farm, milking Jerseys and Holsteins who are let out to pasture each day. Farmstand and greenhouse open with seasonal organic vegetables, bedding plants, herbs and perennials. Pasture raised pheasant and certified organic milk. Also available: farm tours, pick your own pumpkins and gourds, programs for school groups and classes given by local craftspeople.
      Please call or email for details.
      Nottingham: Jenness Farm, LLC, 77 Garland Road, Nottingham, NH 03290, Lori & Peter Corriveau, (603) 942-8051, , Raw goat milk, hand-crafted soaps and body care. They also offer breeding stock of goats.
      Pelham: Owens Farm, Caroline and David Owens,, 122 Dutton Rd. Pelham NH 03076. Phone: (603) 635-8553. Raw cow's milk, honey, humanely raised veal, lamb, pork, broilers, turkeys. Sheep Camp, Adopt-A-Sheep, Feltmaking classes, tours.
      Rochester: Full Moon Farm, Terri French/Bill Melville, 173 Estes Rd, Rochester, NH 03867. Phone: (603) 332-7440. Goat milk, cheese, and soap.
      Rollinsford: Brookford Farm, 70 Sligo Road, Luke Mahoney, (603) 742-4084, . Raw jersey milk, year round, grass based, minimal grain, USDA certified organic. German
      yeast-free 100% rye sourdough bread, and yogurt.
      Swanzey: Cornerstone Farm, Glen Hurd, 197 Forest Ave., Swanzey, NH 03446 (603)357-4361, Fax: (603) 352-2508, . They milk Brown Swiss cows, sell raw milk, cream, veal, pork, and beef. Their excess milk is fed to humanely raised veal calves and pigs. They feed their cows feed that is produced using organic principles and treat them using homeopathic remedies.
      Wilton: Temple Wilton Community Farm, (603) 654-6082 . Contact: Lincoln Geiger and Dan Zabara. See Website at Fresh unpasturized whole milk from seasonally pastured cows. Delicious raw yogurt, cheeses.
      Winchester: Country Critters Farm, . Raw cow & goat milk available by reservation. Raw goats milk "off season" and seasonally pastured poultry, which includes chicken, turkey & eggs, medicinal & culinary herbs and homemade herbal salves & lip balms. Seasonal vegetables grown using organic principles & practices. USDA Inspec. naturally raised lamb, chevron meat cuts available offered at the farm year round retail area. Cheese making classes offered year round, locally, at your home with a focus on "quick & easy cheeses" made with your raw milk.

      Hope that helps. This comes from


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        thanks a billion! I am going to go tomorrow and pick up some, you really seem to know your stuff on this matter.

        1. re: markatz

          Thank you. You are a knowledgeable man.

          1. re: markatz

            You seem to be a very informed advocate for raw milk. I am friends and helping a local goat dairy sell their raw milk, cheese and yogurt -- only straight from her farm because of NH rules -- so no advertising, etc. If we put together a Raw Milk Info and free tasting, would you be willing to come up to Amherst or Hollis, NH as a speaker? Jennings Family Farm not in your listing from 2007, but they are on now!!

            1. re: christiewest

              I would LOVE to! If I could get the products I needed, absolutely.

        2. The best source for finding raw milk sellers is They have listings by state. If you are scared about cleanliness, you can make a road trip to MA where they inspect and certify farms for cleanliness, and they test the milk regularly for pathogens. I don't know if they do that in NH or not.

          Also, you can freeze raw milk reliably, so it may be more convenient to buy more than you need and save some for later if the farm is not nearby.

          For what it's worth, I grew up drinking raw milk, I know several people who drink it now, I buy it myself to make cheese, and I have never known anyone to become ill from drinking it. I do know several people who have contracted food born illnesses (some almost deadly) from "safe" products (fruit juice, raw veg, and beef), but of course your mileage may vary.

          Life is a risk, no?

          1. Slow Food USA lists raw milk farmstead cheese among many other items. Producers in the Northeast appear limited to Vermont:

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