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Tasty additions to brewed coffee?

-just statred to add tasty additions to brewed coffee such as Godiva cocoa, Penzy's Viet. Cinnamon and am looking for any other tasty combos'. Any suggestions?

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  1. Cardamom is wonderful in coffee! nm

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    1. Bailey's, Frangelico, Amaretto...

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        Hee, hee. I like a mix of Bailey's and Kalulha in coffee.

      2. Iced coffee with a little really good vanilla extract.

        1. Float a piece of dark chocolate or a good quality caramel
          If you take your coffee with sugar try sub'ing with a peppermint candy

            1. Try mixing in a very small pinch of table salt and you'd be amazed at what it would do to a so-so cup of coffee. It's a trick I learned from an old-timer at a greasy spoon out in the middle of the Mojave desert...

              1. Pure maple sugar works very well. I actually mix 2 parts splenda and 1 part maple sugar.

                I also vote "yes" for cardamom. It's especially good when grounded up with the beans. Almonds are also great grounded up with the beans.

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                  leftover real whipped cream. I don't do it often.... but when I make it and have leftovers its just sweet enough and leaves almost a crema type texture on the top.

                    1. I add Eagle Brand/ P.C (or 'Betty" which is what it is called in Jamaica and where I live in the winter months) Once opened, you keep the can in the fridge...it thickens and it unbelievably DELICIOUS...must admit to a guity pleasure of eating a spoonful before it gets to my coffee!

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                        Sorry... Not sure what P.C. stands for. With Eagle Brand I think of condensed milk...

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                          P.C.....Presidents Choice...(Loblaws) Not just condensed milk but sweetened & condensed milk! Wonderfully rich and when chilled... thick like dulce de leche (without the caramel colour)

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                            Yum.... Thanks for clearing that up for me.

                      2. i heard chicory was good mixed with coffee. haven't tried it myself.

                        1. Add to ground coffee for 8-10 cups: tiny pinch of salt, tiny pinch of cinnamon, very light sprinkle of sugar or Splenda, 1 drop almond extract, 1 crushed green cardamom pod. Go very easy and it won't taste like "flavoured" coffee - it will have indefinable, complex background notes.

                          Also, larger amounts of cinnamon, cardamom, almond, grated chocolate will give you better flavoured coffee than the artificial stuff if you like that style.

                          1. Slightly torch a slice of orange peel to realize the orange skin "oil", and put it into the coffee. It tastes wonderful!