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Mar 18, 2007 10:53 AM

"Dark little chinese place"

My roommate asked me yesterday if I knew of any good "dark little chinese places" to take her boyfriend when he comes to visit (apparently they're a passion of his). I told her i know of some great huge, bright dim sum places, but I wasn't so well versed in the "dark and littie" any suggestions?

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    1. There aren't really dark little Chinese places, although I've often thought it would be a good idea. The Formosa, referenced above, is certainly worth a stop for drinks, but not to eat. Hop Louie's, downtown, also has a somewhat atmospheric bar, but again, drinks only, don't eat there.
      Not Chinese at all, but I like places like Sake House Miro (Japanese) on La Brea or Sa Rit Gol (Korean) on Olympic for smallish places that seem to have some funky, old time ambiance and good food as well. There's probably lots of other Korean bars, like the Prince, that could also fulfill this.
      But Chinese places tend to be very, very bright, and often quite large as well.

      1. The place in the same complex as Mayfair on Hyperion, in the corner. Food used to be good 10 years ago, and it is dark in there if i remember correctly.

        1. You must be kidding. Nobody but kids from Marshall High eat at Song Hay Inn, and while it may or may not be dark, it would be really unkind to take a vistor to L.A. there.

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            Ok, soI went to Marshall, but i thoght it used to be good, maybe it was 15 years ago, sorry, is it really that bad? Next thing you are going to tell me is that Pauls Kitchen downtown is no good.

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              Sorry--ripped to shreds the only time it was discussed on this board.


          2. Two you're near the south bay, give szechwaun on PCH (@ 17th street) a's old school chinese with great food and a good bar. Also, if you're near downtown LA, try kobe ramen on first street...not chinese food, it's japanese, but the dumplings are great, and so is the's clean and small, but not as dark.