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Mar 18, 2007 10:48 AM

Best seafood experience in Vegas

We will be visiting Vegas in 2 weeks for about 4 days. Live in CO now, but grew up in NH & ME and am eager to taste delicious seafood again. My husband loves oysters and lobster, and I'm into scallops and great fish. Maybe spend $100 for both of us. Possible?


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  1. You can always go to the Rosewood Grill in Vegas...they are always touting their lobsters. Nob Hill has a lobster pot pie which reminds me of a lobster newburg...with the sherry....and the meat from a 2lb lobster
    Fix @ Bellagio does fried ipswich clams w/ the bellys.....I stop there everytine I am in Vegas to satisfy my craving

    1. i had a few apps at RM at the mandalay a few days ago ( in between march madness games ! ) my buddy had some oysters ( i'm not a fan ) - he raved about them...i had a crabe cake and some soup...very good ! i did not look at the dinner guess is with wine, you will not be able to keep it under $50/ person..especially if you are thinking lobster !

      one of my favorite fish places in so cal...especially in OC, is king's fish house - they have a large oyster selection - they now have an outpost in green valley / henderson, next to Green valley ranch casino - i personally have not been there but if it has the same quality level as the king's locations in so cal, i would highly recommend it and if the pricing is similar to so cal, you can make it for under $50/ person

      also, i just ate at FIX - i really liked this place - had a nice sauvignon blanc from marlborough county escapes me...only one they had by the glass $9, we had a crab cake ( hmmm i think it was $15 ), the lobster tacos ( $18 ), the mixed roasted mushrooms ($9), a mushroom bisque, and the bobby baldwin sliders...kobe beef, with fries ( $23 or $27 ) sadly, SO and i had a little argument at the end of the meal so we missed out on dessert ! the tacos were good but they were comical ...4 bite size tacos...moini-tacos !! they were .....cute ! i was kicking myself for not haveing my camera. the crab cake was very rich...tasted like they added was good, but a little to rich for me. the sliders were tasty, but also very rich...that kobe beef ! the fries were crispy and very tasty. but get under $50/ bill was $103, which included 2 glasses of wine....and it's a hip place...we sat on the railing for some great people also get entry into the nite club if that's your thing.

      good luck and please report back on your experience !!

      1. Thanks for the ideas. Rosewood Grille seems a little too fancy for me. I don't mind spending more than $50 pp, but I'm more into the taste and selection of good seafood. I saw a few posts about Joe's Stone Crabs that looked promising, may give that a try.
        Emeril's fish house looks like my SO would love it, so that's another option (most likely more $$).
        I have a few more questions, but diffferent topics, so I'll re-post. Thanks! This was my first post and I got pretty fast responses!

        1. Here's an idea - Bouchon's oyster bar. It's some of the best seafood around ( flown in fresh daily - honest ) especially if you're into shrimp, crab, lobster, mussels, clams, and oysters ( at least 4 different kinds offered daily ). They have a petit plateau for $48 and a grand plateau for $98, both offereing some of the freshest and best tasting shellfish you will find in Las Vegas. The shrimp are some of the tastiest I've ever had. The oyster bar opens at 3:00 daily and runs until they close but they tend to run out of a lot of the popular oysters and sometimes the lobster and crab towards the end of the night. It's nice to sit at the bar or even out on the patio if the weather permits with a glass of sauv blanc or chenin.

          1. The r bar cafe (RM seafood's casual sister restaurant) might be a good choice though their lobster is market price so I don't see it being a bargain. Menu is at to get prices, etc.