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Mar 18, 2007 10:17 AM

30th Birthday Dinner - George, Trevor or Perigee?

Hi there,
It's my husband's 30th birthday at the end of May and we are both really into tasting menus. I have done a lot of reading on past posts and am trying to determine whether to go to George, Perigee or Trevor.

1) I am hoping that we can do tasting menu with wine flight for around $300.
2) It's important that the chef is open to preferences as neither of us will do organ meat, and I won't eat octopus/eel or pork
3) Good service is a must!
4) I'd like somewhere that has nice ambience and feels special
5) Ideally, the chef is willing to do slightly different tasting menus for each of us so we get to try more things

I really like what I have read about Perigee's tasting menus but it sounds like the price-range may be a bit high and the ambience is nothing crazy (though the open kitchen concept sounds pretty cool). Trevor's price range looks better and I've heard great things about the food but I've heard that the dining area also feels like nothing special and it sounds like the service is somewhat hit or miss. George looks like it has the ambience and service but I'm not so sure about tasting menu prices and how good the tasting menu is (as it sounds like most items are just pulled from the menu).

Any advice or alternate suggestions would be so appreciated!

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  1. Perigee will not disappoint. They accommodate any preference with a smile.

    1. Toss up between George and Perigee. George's ambience is definitely better. Tasting menu is also very good and chef Lorenzo was very accomadating. As for Trevor. No!!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!! Place is claustraphobic with low ceiling and hence very noisy when busy. Food was only so-so. Nothing 'wowed' us when our party of 3 ate there.

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        Funny, that's the complete opposite of my experience. I've been there a couple of times for dinner, a few times for drinks and snacks, and once for a no-expenses-spared company Christmas party. Always loved the food and the ambiance. I'm over 6' tall, and I don't find it claustrophobic in the least.

        1. re: estragon

          I didn't find it claustrophobic (5'3"), but I did find it irritatingly noisy. The tables were WAY too close together and it was impossible to not hear the conversations at the next table. Annoying!

          1. re: spigot

            I have to echo Charles Yu - Trevor's food is ok but service was HORRENDOUS. It took a very long time to get us seated, even though we had a reservation (and were on time) and nobody was standing in line in front of us. When we finally sat down and started looking over the menu, one of us was starving and so asked for some bread while we considered the menu. We were told by our waitress that usually, they bring the bread after we ordered. And, as it turns out - she was right, no bread showed up until after we ordered. Then, after every course, they cleared our cutlery, but didn't bring any replacements until after our next course arrived and only after we asked for them. It was particularly bad at dessert when there was ice cream melting on one plate while we patiently waited, and waited and waited for dessert forks and spoons. When we were finally done, we stood by the hostess table for what seemed an eternity (but was probably 10 mins) before someone bothered to ask us for our coat check. Again, no one was standing in line so it wasn't like the hostess was helping someone else. We were just ignored. Also, it IS irritatingly noisy. I won't go back and certainly not for a special occasion.

            1. re: CChan126

              I agree. I've always said I wasn't overly impressed with the food. We were in the bar area. The service was OK too.

              1. re: pescatarian

                I also agree, we got some atitude at Trevor, food was good first time we went but mediocre the next (last). We like George, been a few times, never dissapointed, very nice service as well. I've read/heard great stuff about Perigee, but it may be more expensive.

      2. Go for Perigee. I think you can the 5 course, with wine pairings for your budget. But that does not include tax or tip. Make sure you reserve for a table next to the kitchen.

        1. I like George's food better, for atmosphere, I prefer Perigee, the open kitchen is interesting. Both restaurant's service are nice. George has good ambience but nothing special to me though.

          1. George, in my experience, is not worth it. Snooty service, over-priced food, and dishes that I found to be inspired but ultimately confused and forgettable. Pretentious high-end cuisine at its worst. Over-rated and over-priced. I haven't tried Perigee, but, for what it's worth, it's gotta be better than George.