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Mar 18, 2007 09:37 AM

Thumbs up! Chops on City Line

I have a broken ankle and have been pretty much confined to home for the past 5 weeks -- I can only go to places if I can be dropped off right at the front door -- and the snow hasn't helped my crutching around either -- so husband suggested Chops on City Line (he had been there for business lunch) -- as it is in our neighborhood and we had 1&1/2 hours kid-free before we had to drive/pick them up.
On AOL City Guide the reviews were either "great" or "horrible" and I just wanted to cast a vote for great. Started with a LARGE, perfectly made appletini, DH had glass of red wine (which he pronounced delish) He had black bean soup first. I had crab cakes --it was $24 for 3 large, delicious cakes (I took one home!) and coleslaw. DH had the special grouper and liked it (except he said the bok choy it was sauteed on was too sweet). It's one of those steakhouse places where nothing comes with the entree.... so we splurged on sides - he wanted hash browns; I wanted creamed spinach -- we got both and took some of both home with my crab cake. Service was polite and unobtrusive (except many refills of DH water; but he did keep emptying the smallish glass) Bill was $92 (without tip) but there is plenty of parking(free) or you can use the complimentray valet (and then it's $2 tip) Yes, it's a splurge--but we have paid almost as much for bad food too. If you're in the area (Main Line/Bala Cynwyd) and want a nice nite out -- don't forget about Chops.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I went for lunch when they first opened, and thought I could have done a better steak buying one from Acme next door, and cooked it on a disposable hibachi grill.

      Maybe I should go back and try something besides a steak, but I'd think if I were at a steakhouse, that might be a forte' ??

      Ever try Delmonico's almost right across the street ?? I was impressed with their food and service. Though I border on Bala Cynwyd, in Merion Station, I typically make th extra coupe of mile trek to go downtown to eat out.

      To be fair to Chops' I had lunch there, and ordered from the bar. Drink and service were fine, but as I said, the steak was little better than a select cut, and hardly grilled/seasoned to perfection.

      1. phillyjazz - contact me off-board at shoffman at littler dot com - we are probably neighbors and seem to share taste in restaurants