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Mar 18, 2007 09:09 AM

Wok recomendations

I have a nice NS Wearever flat bottom wok that has given excellant service for about 15 years now. The NS coating is now starting to chip away. Time for my old wok to go. Any thoughts be be welcomed. Don't need a NS again, but do want to stick with a flat bottom.


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  1. "The Wok Shop" seems to be the main online source -

    They sell flat and round bottom woks - I recommend this one:

    Carbon steel works great and seasons quickly. If you have a gas stove, they include a wok ring with the round bottom wok - so you might think about going the round bottom way - you'll get a lot of heat since you can get the bottom pretty close to the gas.

    1. Thanks will47, what do you think about the pre-seasoned one? It comes with a cover which I like. I've never had any cookware that was pre-seasoned. All my cast iron cookware is nickle plated and just goes in the dishwasher. I know you would hand wash the pre-seasoned wok, but do you ever have to re-season it?

      Thanks again

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        I guess it couldn't hurt, but I wouldn't get the pre-seasoned one - my understanding and experience is that carbon steel seasons more quickly / easily than cast iron, but it needs to be continuously used or re-seasoned more. In other words, unless you're using it all the time, you may need to do some minor re-seasoning anyway.

        You really won't need to do that much seasoning... don't bother with the outside, just heat it on the stove and use a little crisco to season it. Then you can fry some green onions and regular onions in there with oil and you should be good to go. There's also a salt-seasoning method. My gf bought one, and it's cooked fine with only a little bit of seasoning. Then just make sure you use a lot of oil when you cook.

        You can buy the same lid for any of their woks, btw.

        I would recommend getting a wok brush and a spatula. If you don't have an asian market nearby (which should carry them, possibly at slightly lower prices), the wok shop carries them too.

      2. I have the calphalon all anodized aluminum flat bottom wok, gas stove, seems ok, no ring to fiddle with, not that much better than my old steel "hand hammered " wok but looks nicer and a breeze to clean. Has a plastic top for sweating your veggies. I see a lot of non stick woks but I am not interested.

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          To me, the advantage of cast iron or carbon steel is that they actually improve the flavor of things cooked in them as the seasoning builds up.

          1. re: will47

            That improvement due to a seasoned cooking surface is kind of subjective, but i do think being able to expose the ingredients to high heat for caramelization and to be able to deglaze that with liquid is key to tasty wok cooking. I think the anodized surface does that pretty well and you prefer the patina surface. Non stick probably doesn't do that well. I never got that black patina all the way to the bottom of my steel wok because i was always washing it in the sink and some would invariably come off.

        2. I have the Le Crueset 14inch cast iron wok. Is has a flat bottom but a rounded interior. I like it because once I get it good and hot, it will really hold the heat. It is heavy (which is good when stiry frying because it doesn't move at all), it doesn't hold a ton, but I'm almost always cooking for 2 and it works out fine.

          1. Atlas Carbon Steel. I have 3 and would not trade them for any other.