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Brunch 'n' Laundry: Sugestions for a killer combo?

Intrepid Chowhounds,

My roommates and I are always on the lookout for a laundromat that's situated close to a good brunch place. Close enough that we can linger over coffee and omelets while waiting for the washers and driers to do their thing. The criteria:

1) PROXIMITY The laundry and brunch shouldn't be more than a block apart.

2) PROPRIETY The brunch place should be casual enough that we can linger, and not so busy that the waitstaff will be annoyed by our lingering at 10am on a week-end.

3) LOCATION Somewhere within 25 minutes' drive of Central Square.

Any suggestions? (Usually we hit up Metropolitan Laundry and Dimitrio's on Brookline St in Cambridge, but they don't really do brunch. We enjoy The Broken Yolk in Somerville for outdoor seating in the warm weather.)

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  1. The Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown fits the bill, with 2 reasonably-priced laundromats within a block. Also, if you were up for a big Cuban breakfast, El Oriental in JP is on the same block as JP Laundry.

    1. There's a laundry up the road from The Neighborhood Restaurant (about 1-1/2 blocks away) that I'm pretty sure is self-serve as well as they'll do it for you/dry cleaning service. Laundry is located opposite the bottom of Putnam St.

      1. Brookline family restaurant in brookline village is about a block from a laundromat (at the corner of Cypress & Washington)

        1. not sure if this counts as "brunch" but what i used to do was cafe/laundry:

          1) oxford spa (there's a laundromat half block down on oxford st) and they have sandwiches, sweets, etc.

          2) cafe rustica and/or petsi pies (on beacon) and the laundromat right next door

          3) also bside lounge has a great laid-back brunch, and i believe there's a laundromat a few blocks away on hampshire street, next to cafe kiraz.

          1. Theres a laundromat next to Clear Flour Bakery (178 Thorndike in Brookline, better directions here: http://clearflourbread.com/). Super tasty, reasonably priced bread and baked goods. However, no seating (barely any standing room, in fact). So..my suggestion, put the clothes in, pop by Clear Flour, and then walk the couple minutes to Super 88 in Packards corner (right where Comm ave and Brighton Ave split) where you can sit however long you'd like and can appease all members of your group if they happen to be anti-carbs or whatever and would rather go for Asian food. This way, no waitstaff breathing down your necks at all. Or skip Clear Flour and just head to Super 88 and do a group dim sum meal from Dim Sum Chef.

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              I realize that this is in no way a brunch suggestion, and it drives me nuts when people post suggestions on threads that are completely outside the parameters described by the OP. HOWEVER - I used that laundromat for many years; what I used to love to do was get something from Clear Flour and go sit in the little park on Lawton Street while the laundry ran. (The park is currently undergoing a major renovation & is closed; apparently it's scheduled to re-open this summer.)

              It's such a nice break from hanging in the laundromat watching the dryers, or trying to read a book while waiting for the time to tick away. Again, I apologize for straying so far afield from the original request, but the combination of Clear Flour and a sit in the park actually used to make me enjoy doing the laundry, back in the days before we got our own washer & dryer!

            2. There used to be a laundromat across from Rudy's Cafe in Teele Square. Back in the '90s my friend and I used to throw a load in and walk across the street for a margarita and nachos. Not really brunch I know, but an option.

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                There is still a laundromat in Teele Sq. and there is a good brunch spot near there just a block down Holland or so. Amelia's? No... It's some woman's name and it's a cute little place with totally decent food. I think they're okay with you hanging out for a bit, but I've only been there once, so I'm not totally sure. .

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                  Is Soleil any good for brunch? That's right in Teele. Oh, and the I Cafe (haven't been, sounds promising).

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                    Soleil is only open for brunch on Saturdays, closed Sundays. Think their brunch is really excellent, slightly pricey and service ungodly slow, but still go there often. Definitely a linger place.

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                    The place you're thinking of (I want to say Rene's, but I'm sure that's wrong) is more than a couple of blocks down towards Davis. Sabur is right there, and I believe they offer brunch.

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                      I bet it's Renee's. which is a solid brunch option, but you'd definitely get dirty looks if you lingered for a long time waiting for your laundry. They're always pretty busy with folks waiting at prime brunch time.

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                      You're thinking of Renee's, but I don't recommend the brunch. I used to do my laundry at the place in Teele and either go to Theo's (very good Greek subshop food) or hit up Cafe Soleil. iCafe for Crepes is another option as is PJRyans -- I thought no one really went there until a couple of trusted hounds told me it's okay.

                  3. Some South End options:

                    South End Suds: Union Bar & Grill.

                    Appleton St Laundromat: Billy's Coffee Shop, 28 Degrees, Masa.

                    Tremont Laundromat: Tremont 647.

                    1. You could try brunch at Doyles on Washington Street in JP - there is a laundromat one block over next to the car wash.

                      1. It's not brunch, but IMHO nothing beats the big laundromat across the street from Tacos Lupita in Somerville. Plus, there's a Starbucks next door so you can have a coffee and read the paper. Put the wash in. Order a pupusa and a couple of tacos. Start the dryers. Get a cup of dark roast. Fold and you're done. It's great!

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                          You beat me to the punch! Second this rec.

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                            This and the Sullys/laundromat next to Star were my two go to choices for food and a beer (Sullys only, not Lupita) or two and laundry, even when I lived downtown.

                            The advantage of the place across from Lupita is that I think the dryers are free with a wash?

                            1. re: Dax

                              Bingo - the dryers at the place near Lupita are free with the wash.

                          2. Cambridge:
                            Inman Square - brunch at East Coast Grill, Bukowski's or the S&S. Laundrymat is directly across the street from Buk's.

                            Somerville/Cambridge line - Kirkland Street.
                            Kebab Factory has all you can eat buffet on Saturdays and Sundays. Laundry is on the same side of the street about a block heading toward Harvard Square. I really like their buffet.

                            Toscanini on the corner of Kirkland and Beacon is another option.

                            1. Is there still a laundromat next door to the Plough and Stars? That was where we went for many years on Sundays to do laundry and have brunch. The Plough is still dedicated to the fine art of lingering over a paper and a coffee or a pint..

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                                If it's still there I agree that this is *the best* place to pull off killer laundry and brunch afternoon. Only suggestion is that you do Saturday as Sunday has become a mob scene. No live music on Saturday but still the same great brunch, pour, and relaxation.

                              2. B-side lounge does a great brunch on hampshire and windsor st. There's a laundromat across the street on hampshire (near cafe kiraz).