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Mar 18, 2007 07:58 AM

Help!!! Where are those mid-priced HOME COOKING GREAT Cleveland Ohio Restaurants???

Hi All:

Am going to Cleveland again. We live in Erie, Pa. and go to Cleveland all the time. Usually going to downtown events. And we are going again in a couple of weeks.

Everytime we go we look for GOOD ol'fashion home cooking meal restaurant. We love Italian and went to Trattoria in Little Italy and no offense but., wery pricey and atmosphere stunk and the sauce tasted like it was tomatoe sause and a few squashed tomatoes and no spices...Ho Hummmm...Have tried a couple of downtowners and whewwwwwww high prices.... Am Talk about country cookin or amish with a little atmosphere. Or american good food or Italian food where ya can just relax after driving a hundred miles and before a show. A list of food that a plain Jane can read and understand what the heck it Don't mind travel'in to a restaurant either. Don't have to be right downtown.

Can you H-E-L-P me???????????

Plain Jane

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  1. Sokolwskis is a must if you have not already been: Note the only dinner hours are FRi and SAt, lunch also during the week. only 5min from downtown. I love this place but it is so fattening I save it for comfort food indulgences when I am under the weather. the stuffed cabbage, mashed potatoes and pierogis are tops. Given what you are asking for I promise you will not be disappointed. neat atmoshere as well. I think they have polish music weekend could be Cleveland 50 years ago.

    The Westside Market Cafe (in the corner of the westside market , entrance on Lorain ave (also a bout 2 minutes from Downtown) is very nice diner with American home cooking and a few ethnic dishes. The menu used to be online but the link is not working. Here is a little info.

    I will try and think of more

    1. When we lived in Cleveland, we used to head to Presque Isle on weekends. It gave us an opportunity to stop at some of the Italian marts (especially the one at 18th and Cherry as well as Wegmans.

      If you are looking for Amish cooking, Cleveland is too far north. I would head toward Holmes County, south of Wooster, OH to Shreve, OH for Der Dutch Essenhaus or I would head to one of the smaller places in Mt. Hope or Kidron.

      I don't have many recommendations> There were a couple of good delis in Lakewood and Rocky River and Danny Boys Pizza in Lakewood.

      1. relax, that's easy. i know exactly what you are talking about.

        FRANK STERLES SLOVENIAN is located right off the shoreway drive from erie at the e55th exit. it's all homestyle chow, a very cool ethnic setting and best of all you can dance it off before you get back on the road:

        link w/menus:

        Favorite Dish: Roast Pork
        Eastern European, $13 to $18
        Meat loaf, Wiener schnitzel, from-scratch gravies, and a hint of grandma's tender loving care are staples at this Central European cafeteria-style restaurant on the near east side.

        Lunch: M-F 12 noon - 3pm
        Dinner: M-Sat 5pm-10pm
        Sun Closed

        1401 E. 55th Street Cleveland, OH 44103

        ***practice up on your cleveland-style polka!

        1. I've shared your disappointment in Italian food at any number of local restaurants. I've heard good things about Bruno's. Fresh house made pasta. Lots of tomato sauce centered dishes. A nice relaxed family atmosphere. I've never eaten there but it seems like exactly what you're looking for.

          The only good Eastern European or Middle European food I've had in the area is Balaton. It's not expensive but it's probably more expensive than Sterle's. It's a very good restaurant though.

          The West Side Market Cafe has had several significant staff changes since I was there but I think they're still committed to fresh, from scratch food. Also consider the West Side Market stands. Bratwurst is one good option. Another is the new crepe stand, Crepes Deluxe. They have lots of savory crepes. I'm looking forward to trying them myself. I heard about their "Montreal". It's got smoked brisket and it's not on the menu on their website.

          I'm having a little trouble interpreting "ol' fashioned" and "home cooking". How about ethnic food? Two of my favorite restaurants in the entire city are simple and casual but they're not exactly fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Shanti's Kitchen is excellent Caribbean. Very few tables, so most people take food to go. El Tango Taqueria is Mexican with some other Latin American dishes.

          Another recent poster asked for fun spots that are family friendly which I think might match your query to some extent. Some of my suggestions in that thread might be useful.

          1. Jane, I also like the Waterstreet Grill downtown on West 9th Street. Lots of well-made basics - pot roast, meatloaf, pot pies, burgers. Their chicken paprikash soup is good.