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Mar 18, 2007 07:51 AM

any suggestions for a relaxed pub/bar with food / music Flatiron / Union Square area

I'm visiting this week and will be meeting up with some friends. looking for some places where we can grab a drink, some reasonable food and catch up. If there was a local band / singer playing in the evening, that might be good too. Not looking for a trendy mob scene or a complete dive. Although I've suggested Flatiron, Union Square areas since they are near where I'm staying, any places that fit the bill could be considered. I've been to Pete's Tavern before and enjoyed that and was thinking of "The Spotted Pig" (but not in the evenings when I've heard it's pretty busy). Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Jazz Standard is on 27th St., b/t Park Av. S. & Lex. It's downstairs from the very popular Blue Smoke, which provides the food.

    1. if you liked PETES you will love OLD TOWN TAVERN. another historic old ny pub, just north of union square on 18th st bet bway and park south.

      1. i like Tavern on Jane at 8th ave and Jane. not far from Union Sq. area.

        1. 2nd old town . stole my thunder. btw if you remember the old intro to late night with david letterman on nbc, they zoomed in on a great old bar sign. that was old town....

          1. I happen to like Metro (Wine) Bar on 21st and Bdway. No music, but I enjoy the bar and a burger. No scene and not too noisy. Very relaxed. Old Town a good choice. NG on Pete's Tavern--food not good (IMHO) and way too noisy.