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Wedding Registration Necessities

Hi all. I em engaged to be married this summer and my wedding shower is in May. I have been told I need to go register, but am at a complete loss as to what I really need to register for to get my kitchen set up.
I do like to cook and have been slowly teaching myself over the past several months. I grill alot, make tons of salads, and also make stir fry quite a bit. Up to this point my fiancee and I have somehow managed to get all of our cooking done with our grill, 2 skillets, 1 saucepan, 1 baking sheet, and one 9x9 glass baking dish. We also have the very basic utensils, plates, bowls, and salad plates for four as well as a toaster and can opener.
I would like to expand my cooking repertoire and also am interested in baking cakes, pies etc, but do not even know where to begin when confronted with the selection of kitchen supplies.

What do you think are the absolute necessities as far as getting a kitchen set up?

Also, I know it would seem logical to simply register for a set of pots and pans, but they all seem a bit excessive. I would really prefer to register for individual pieces thus eliminating the ones I don't need and making it easier for those shopping.

Thanks for the input!

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  1. Congrats! I'm engaged as well, but not planning on the ceremony until next fall.

    If you like stir fry, I'd go for a quality wok. Never hurts to have a piece made for the job.

    Large stock pot, since you never know when something will need boiling.

    Solid small non-stick pan, if you like eggs.

    Couple of stainless steel (user friendly) sauce pans.

    13x9 baking dish

    and my baking friend lives for Silipat

    and I adore my microplane.

    hope this is a start....

    1. Things I have asked for as gifts and *loved*: silpats--cookie baking heaven, an immersion blender, a mortar and pestle, a mandoline, a food processor (medium size), a griddle (the kind that covers two burners on the stove)--awesome for pancakes, quesadillas, grilled cheese, a set of flexible plastic cutting boards like Alton Brown has--color-coded for different meats/veggies/fish.
      also, a good rolling pin is a joy to have.

      1. A good, indestructible collander. Get one made of stainless steel wtih a raised bottom of some kind that will take a whole heap of pasta dumped out of a large pot.
        A good selection of knives (a chef's knife or Santuko depending on your preference; a paring knife, a serrated bread knife and a utility knife should do the trick at least to start).
        An instant read thermometer and a digital timer/probe thermometer.
        A microplane grater/zester.
        A food processor (larger is better, in my opinion, but get one with a small working bowl insert, too).
        It sounds like you've got some pans/skillets already, but to your list I'd agree with the above post and add a large pot and another sauce pan.

        1. i'm not married so i dont really know the registry etiquette but if you're interested in expanding your cooking/baking repertoire, maybe you could register for some good cook books to help get you started.

          1. Get a good heavy duty mixer. I burned out several before we got a Kitchen Aid. Varied sizes of mixing bowls, if you get clear glass they can double as serving bowls. A cast iron skillet is one of our favorite items.

            1. Congratulations! Absolutely get yourself a good Wok for your stir fry. I think you should have a Dutch Oven for slow cooked meats and a really good covered saute pan. Also excellent knives are imperative.

              1. cast iron pans in various sizes. indestructible, great heat conductors and they become non-stick.

                a mixer, either hand or standing


                set of mixing bowls

                cake tins @ least 2

                pie plate

                loaf pans

                several more baking sheets

                cutting board

                lots of brides register for plates, glassware and cutlery

                1. I got married two years ago and the items that we use and love the most are:

                  a few good knives. (some people might not be willing to give a knife as a gift but i'm sure there are others out there that will)

                  an immersion blender that has a multiple attachments. it can turn into a mini chopper, a large chopper/blender. really good way to save space without purchasing all the items individually especially if space is an issue.

                  a large cast iron enameled pot. ours is le creuset but there are other less expensive (and more expensive) options out there. works great for stews and soups. also anytime anything needs to be browned, it's great.

                  i love to bake so i got a few good quality baking pans.

                  1. Half a dozen wooden spoons, rubber spatulas of varying shapes & sizes, always handy.
                    A sturdy stainless whisk or set of whisks
                    How are you set for mixing bowls? the nesting variety are space savers; a must for baking
                    The small hand tools make great registry items: peelers, garlic press, peppermill, microplanes, measuring tools, etc.

                    Also, consider the kitchen space/drawer & cabinet space you'll have to maximize what gift items will become keepers and which might end up stuck in boxes....

                    Congratulations to you!

                    1. Thanks so much for all the great replies!
                      The wok is such a great idea and something that had not even occured to me and I also love the idea of the cookbooks.
                      It is so good to get input from people who have been there. It is an overwhelming task trying to figure it out as a first-timer. (hopefully a last timer)

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                      2. Congratulations on your engagement. Why not take a stroll thru Williams Sonoma or Crate N Barrel and see what jumps out at you? You may want a Kitchen Aid mix master, a blender, a Cuisinart Food Processor, silverware, knives, lemon zester, cheese grater, dish towels, bowels, salad spinner, dishes, glasses, water pitcher, candle stick holders, flower vases, etc. You may also want to register for non-kitchen stuff: bed linens, towels, etc. I just gave a bridal shower for my niece and I think it's a good idea to register for stuff in all different price ranges so that your friends have choices based on how much they want to spend. Have fun and enjoy!

                        1. Congratulations! If you are interested in baking, high-quality bakeware makes everything come out better, because the pans get heated more evenly. I would say that you need a 9X13 pan, a loaf pan, 2 round cake pans, a muffin pan, and 2 cookie sheets. I also got a corningware set when I got married--good for baking entrees and sides in, and also useful for serving--attractive enough to go from oven to table. Speaking of oven to table, it's nice to have a couple of attractive trivets. I love my cuisinart food processor--I don't use it very often, but I am really grateful for it when I am doing more elaborate cooking for a dinner party. Also at least 2 cutting boards. Not absolutely necessary, but I really enjoy having a salad spinner--you might want one since you make salad a lot. I often use a large pot to make soup. And you need at least one high-quality stainless steel frying pan and one high-quality nonstick frying pan. Also, you said hat you have silverware and plates, bowls, etc. for four--I would recommend registering for 8 place settings, because you might find that you have dinner with more couples now that you are married...just have 2 couples over for dinner and you won't have enough plates for all 6 people! Personally, when I got married I got a lot of practical stuff for the kitchen, and some nice but everyday tableware, but I didn't register for china or silver or anything fancy. Which worked out well for me, because I actually regularly use everything I registered for. By the way, I recommend registering at amazon.com because they have better prices on many kitchen gadgets, and at bed bath and beyond, because they give you 10% off anything on your registry that was not purchased, and they let you return registry items for cash with no receipt. So if you overregister at BBB you can get a discount on the remaining items that weren't purchased, and if you change your mind about something you registered for returning it for cash is easy. Good luck!

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                          1. re: Nicole

                            Oh yeah, and good knives are a must!

                          2. Congrats!

                            Here's what i registered for:

                            individual knives (i.e. not a set)
                            oval serve ware (freezer to oven to table)
                            salad spinner
                            7 cup food processor, but i wish i got the 11 cup size
                            silpat cutting boards
                            springform pans
                            kitchen linens

                            what i wish i registered for:

                            dutch oven
                            cast iron pot/ frying pan
                            all clad 12 inch frying pan
                            roasting pan with rack.

                            1. Congratulations! We've been married two years. We had basic pots and pans, and elected to skip a complete set. We mostly use cast iron skillets for cooking. Some of our favorite items:

                              Pyrex Glass Measuring Cups...we have 2 c and 4 cup. The 4 cup is great for mixing pancake batter and the like

                              Salad spinner (OXO is very good)

                              Two cutting boards, large size. one for meats, one for veggies

                              Good knives including a spreader and serrated bread knife (great for bagels)

                              Really durable stainless steel travel mugs. We like to bring lunch for work so we also asked for 2 10oz s.s. thermos bottles for soup, Lock and Lock containers and lunchboxes. Great for packing up leftovers for lunch.

                              Crockpot. I know, it's old fuddy type thing, but we use it regularly.

                              French Press coffee pot, tea press and glass tea kettle

                              and for baking pastry board:

                              2 9" two piece tart pans for pies, tarts, quiche
                              2 9" cake pans
                              1 8" cake pan
                              2 (6 C) muffin tins
                              2 loaf pans
                              We have an apt sized stove so 2 1/4 sheet pans. and 2 all clad petite cookie sheets (divine)
                              disher (ice cream scoop thing) for making cookies

                              Set of 3 nesting mixing bowls

                              1. When I was married (10 years ago) I was hesitant to register for a lot of the relatively expensive stuff, but I learned that some people want to buy you something expensive, and if they have no guidance, you'll have really expensive useless crap! So, here are a few things I'm glad I registered for and got: Kitchenaid mixer, Cuisinart, DeLonghi toaster oven, crystal wine glasses, Henckels knives, blender. We got more than our entire fine china set, but haven't used it that often. Should have registered for more serving utensils. Wish we'd chosen a great set of "everyday" flatware - ended up buying that ourselves. Also wish I'd been bold enough to register for certain All-Clad pans, but I was a young grad student and so were most of my friends (thought it was my parents' friends who got lots of the pricey stuff for us). The best advice I got was to register in a wide range of price points. So cheaper, practical things like kitchen towels, silicone spatulas, less expensive baking pans, salad spinner/bowls, etc. are all good. Ditto Silpat and Microplane, which someone else suggested.

                                1. Congrats! I got married last summer, and having recently been through registries, showers, and whatnot, I can honestly say that one of my FAVORITE kitchen-related gifts was our cuisinart mini-prep food chopper. I've used this about 100 times more than our regular-sized food processor (which I also love, BTW). It is so handy and takes up minimal space. I use ours to mince garlic, to make our own viniagrettes, chop veggies, everything. I never had a food precessor before, and now I don't know how I ever lived without the mini-prep....I could talk about it all day!