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Best places to study/write in South Bay (wireless)

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Any suggestions on quiet places to study/write while nibbling on brain food in the South Bay (especially in the Palos Verdes peninsula, Long Beach, San Pedro, but could go up to Manhattan/Redondo Beach)? Places that offer free wireless connections are especially welcomed.


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  1. sacred grounds on 6th street in pedro and there is another coffee shop on western near the quizno's.
    small, intimate...
    the grounds is busier and in a walking street area.

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      Try Caffe Port Towne on 8th and Pacific. They also have a crepes, a gellateria and a pizza place.

    2. Coffee Cartel in Redondo...
      and http://www.travbuddy.com/Coffee-Carte...

      ...and while looking for that, found this review about Catalina Coffee Co. in Redondo

      Reviews claim both have free wireless for laptops, but always worth a call first to check it out and ask how coverage is.

      1. Coffee Cartel is great...you can spend as much time as you like....no one will bother you

        1. I absolutely recommend Java Man in Hermosa Beach, right on Pier.

          They have couches inside, tables outside for when it's sunny, a good little egg-white breakfast burrito, and free wireless for all.


          1. Oh, when did Catalina Coffee Company begin offering wireless for FREE? Though I haven't been there in several months, before that, I'd gone there quite often and there was never free internet access; they did have a computer with internet access for pay.

            If this has changed, I'll be over there first thing...

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              just called them. wi-fi is available, but offered for a fee through a third party.

            2. Thanks for all the great suggestions!