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Mar 18, 2007 07:10 AM

Best places to study/write in South Bay (wireless)

Any suggestions on quiet places to study/write while nibbling on brain food in the South Bay (especially in the Palos Verdes peninsula, Long Beach, San Pedro, but could go up to Manhattan/Redondo Beach)? Places that offer free wireless connections are especially welcomed.


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  1. sacred grounds on 6th street in pedro and there is another coffee shop on western near the quizno's.
    small, intimate...
    the grounds is busier and in a walking street area.

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    1. re: peterboy

      Try Caffe Port Towne on 8th and Pacific. They also have a crepes, a gellateria and a pizza place.

    2. Coffee Cartel in Redondo...

      ...and while looking for that, found this review about Catalina Coffee Co. in Redondo

      Reviews claim both have free wireless for laptops, but always worth a call first to check it out and ask how coverage is.

      1. Coffee Cartel is can spend as much time as you one will bother you

        1. I absolutely recommend Java Man in Hermosa Beach, right on Pier.

          They have couches inside, tables outside for when it's sunny, a good little egg-white breakfast burrito, and free wireless for all.


          1. Oh, when did Catalina Coffee Company begin offering wireless for FREE? Though I haven't been there in several months, before that, I'd gone there quite often and there was never free internet access; they did have a computer with internet access for pay.

            If this has changed, I'll be over there first thing...

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              just called them. wi-fi is available, but offered for a fee through a third party.