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Mar 18, 2007 06:42 AM

Chicago Prime in Schaumburg Closed?

I saw Chicago Prime in Schaumburg has closed, we ate there a few times and it was crowded both times, the steak was decent. Does anyone know why they closed?

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  1. Most restaurants close because they aren't doing enough business, but I don't know anything specific about Chicago Prime.

    The good news is, Schaumburg is getting another top steakhouse in the near future, with Pete Miller's planning to open its third location in the old Prairie Rock Brewing location on Meacham just north of Golf. Morton's and Wildfire are already in Schaumburg, of course.

    1. Chicago Prime is in the process of becoming another Rosebud. From what I've heard, they want to be family-friendly and are shooting for a May opening.

      1. I've had some pretty nice meals at Chicago Prime in the past. Took some friends there for birthdays over the past few years and always enjoyed it, mostly. The portobello appetizer is exceptionally good and one of my favorite foods around. Their swordfish with pineapple salsa is also very good. Hopefully they'll still have some of those dishes available if/when they reopen.

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