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Mar 18, 2007 04:09 AM

Oriental Grocery - Methuen Mass area?

I will be going through Salem NH/Methuen area to Plaistow NH and was told there was a good oriental grocery store in Methuen. Does anyone know the location or one nearby? I thought it was in the same plaza at JoAnn Fabrics but maybe it has moved. Last time I was in the area was around Christmas. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Yes Dfrostnh. Darned if I can remember the name, but there's a sizable grocery store on Route 28 right near the Salem NH border, in a plaza that's shared by a Texas Roadhouse, Joanne Fabric and a China Buffet. It is the only supermarket in the plaza. I haven't been there in a while, but they have an impressive selection of Asian foods, canned, dried and fresh. Let us know if you like it.

    1. Unfortunately, the Methuen market has closed. There was a sign that said "remodeling" last time I drove by...but there has been no activity apparent.

      I recently found a great market on S.Union St (rt 28) in Lawrence. They have a great selection of dry goods, frozen product and produce. Additionally, on Saturdays, they have fresh sandwiches ( bahn mi?) and other homemade foods.

      I was able to find everything I needed although it does not have the selection or space of the former Methuen store. If anyone has other options in the M. Valley area...please let us know.

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        Are you talking about the market next to T&N Pho Restaurant? If you are, I agree it is a great market for asian items.

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          I apologize, I don't know the name.... but I think you're right. If you travel north on Rt 28 from 495, it is approx a mile on the left...with a little parking lot out back.

          Any others you know of ?!!

          1. re: merrvally

            I'm pretty sure thats the place. The is another place that I was told of in Lawrence on Rte. 28 but have not been yet. I'll get location and name when I see the person who told me later in the week.

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              OK, I was in the right place but it looks empty (Methuen, Jo-Ann Fabrics plaza). Thanks for info on the Rt 28 place. Dahr shoes has moved also but I understand their place in Andover is still open and eventually I'm going to need a new pair of shoes. We like the oriental grocery in Portsmouth near Fox Run Mall. Made my husband turn around despite heavy traffic when I spotted the sign but now he likes to stop. We found some sesame peanut candy there almost like the kind I remember you got in Chinese restaurants a long time ago instead of fortune cookies. The products they carry seem to be cheaper than other places (i.e. cans of Massaman curry and fresh baby bok choi). We had dinner for the first time at Pho Golden Bowl in Manchester NH. They have a terrific Vietnamese hoisin sauce on the table, strong taste of sesame. Very tasty. Concord High has some one night Chinese cooking classes. The teacher uses sweetened crushed peanut powder in some of her recipes. I'd like to find some of that, too. She is the one who recommended the Methuen store. I'll have to find the Lawrence place on a Saturday at lunch time! Thanks for the info.

              1. re: dfrostnh

                I don't know if Nashua is on your route, but there are several good Asian markets. On Main Street there is Dokdo, which emphasizes Korean, Chinese, Japanese products. On DW Highway Global Flavors has a great Indian selection, and on Amherst St Merlion Asian Grocery has Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

                1. re: whs

                  Thanks whs!!! I am more likely to travel in the Nashua direction. I've been on Amherst St many times and hadn't noticed the grocery. Merlion sounds perfect!

                  1. re: dfrostnh

                    Here's the website:

                    They have fresh kaffir lime leaves, and thai chilis and lemongrass are half the price of Shaws.