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Mar 18, 2007 12:06 AM

Frozen Green Chile sources in Phoenix?

I have been wanting some frozen green chile to put in my fridge.
With the high cost of mail ordering frozen green chile to here in Hawaii.
I thought about having a friend from Phoenix pick some up and bring some out when she visits.
Can anyone tell me sources of frozen green chile in large amounts so that we could pack em up in a cooler frozen, and put them in our check in luggage?

Thanks to all in advance.


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  1. you should have your friend check with rito's. definitely not on the menu and have heard they can be tough to deal with but the green chile there is amazing.

    1. If you mean frozen roasted chiles, you might have them check at the Guadalupe Farmers Market.

      1. Basha's has frozen roasted,chopped green chiles.They are in small plastic tubs not big quantities.I think the brand is Baca's .I have used them before and they are muy picante,so be warned.Also, Food City( & Mojave/35th ave & Glendale) sometimes has a chile roaster going on week-ends and if your friend can pick some up and freeze them for you these would be the best.
        I wouldn't be surprised if one of the Ranch Markets would have a roaster going although I don't remember seeing one.

        1. Don't know about Phoenix, but down here in Yuma the chili roasters are only going during harvest season in New Mexico (August/September). Plus buying roasted chilies is the easy part; to be used in recipes they need to be stemmed, seeded, and peeled. Last time I bought a 30# sack, the cleaning took several hours and rubber gloves.

          Here at least, Food City and Walmart both carry 13 oz tubs of frozen, cleaned, chopped green chilies from New Mexico--either mild or spicy (they also have similar tubs of ground fresh red chilies which are also good.)

          One on line source for these is

          Shipping costs are higher than the costs of the chilies, unfortunately.


          1. If you want a quantity of frozen green chile tubs in Phoenix, the place to go is the Albuquerque Tortilla Company. They are a wholesaler to supermarkets and others, but also have a storefront and food counter. Genuine NM recipes too.

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              Seeing as how this thread has been bumped, I thought I'd note that the Albuquerque Tortilla Company no longer has a retail location in Phoenix.

              Albuquerque Tortilla Company
              1507 W Hatcher Rd, Phoenix, AZ

              1. re: hohokam

                ...And add that I've bought the 3 lb bags of frozen green chiles from Albuquerque Tortilla Company at Wal-Mart.

                1. re: Rubee

                  Our NM-born friends will be glad to hear that. They would usually make a point of going to the store on Hatcher when they came from SoCal to visit us.

                  Thanks for the tip!