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Mar 17, 2007 11:54 PM

IKEA for cookware/gadgets

I know it's probably wiser to go to a Macy*s, Crate & Barrel, Sur La Table, or Costco even (for those Kirkland brands), but I was just curious to whether others have found a good find here and there. Here are some I've scored over the years.

* Can opener - love how it doesn't leave any sharp edges

* 3 pc mixing bowls - got black ceramic ones on sale for $3. Still use them for small jobs

* $3 fry pan - i know, it's so wrong. but it still works fine for simple light saute jobs

* grater/container - ingenious how it falls into its own container, had different grating covers, and a lid too.

* tall clear storage containers - just bought these. perfect for my dry snacks and pastas. opens two ways depending on your need.

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  1. I've had terrible luck with Ikea kitchen gadgets. The grater I had from them rusted away into oblivion, the cutting boards barely lasted me six months, I had to sand the wood utensils to smooth the rough edges, and all the plastic spatulas melted away.

    I love a lot of their dinnerware, however.

    Mind you, they've gotten colossally better over the past few years, based on what I've seen from there recently.

    1. I've had pretty good luck with Ikea kitchen stuff, actually. I've got several of their plastic utensils (a nice sized, ie small, ladel, a pasta fork, an offset spatula); I love their ceramic baking dishes and use them all the time because all three of the ones I have will fit in my (rather large) toaster oven. I also have ramikins from them and most of our glassware is actually Ikea. We have a handful of their glass storage containers that we use for pasta.

      I haven't used any of their wooden utensils and I haven't exposed the plastic to high heats.

      My absolute favorites, though, are the grundtal stainless "trivets", they're enormous and I leave them in a couple of key spots on my counters and can set any pan, roasting pan, pot of boiling whatever, right on them and not worry about it. Biggest space expander i've ever had in my kitchen.

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      1. re: ccbweb

        thanks for the reminder, ccbweb. i love my cork trivets. we toss them in the dishwasher if they get dirty. oh, and the cheap plastic utensils are still working fine (i think they came in trios of spoons and spatulas or something).

        1. re: brekkie_fan

          whoah...cork trivets in the dishwasher... I love my cork trivets...I'm fascinated. Does the cork stand up to the diswashing soap???

          1. re: cheesehead in recovery

            they don't go in very often, and they are pretty dense to hold up to the wash. i bought the 3 pack of round ones years ago. maybe yours are different??

      2. recently bought like 10 canisters from Ikea and I love them all!
        Looks very fancy(though you can tell they are from Ikea) on my shelves.
        I don't mind getting stainles steel products(especially utensils) from them but I tend to avoid ones made with plastic. I don't think I'd buy their pots and pans though.

        1. I bought a couple of whisks there maybe three or four years ago. Don't remember what I paid, couldn't have been more than a few bucks. They are still in great condition.

          1. I regularly use these:

            cork trivets (LOVE these)
            cheap glassware for everyday use
            glass mixing bowl
            trojka scissors (set of 3)
            Slom glass jars with lids for storage of dry goods