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Mar 17, 2007 10:02 PM

Jerry's Famous Deli

I think this place is kinda hit and miss. Some things are very good and some are just plain awful. What have you eaten here that you really like?

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  1. I know it's controversial...but I think they have terrific breakfasts. Great omelets, tasty hash browns, fresh bagels. Also very good lox platters. The menu is too big, and there's a lot of misses, but you can get breakfast 24/7.

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      I like their breakfasts also. I really like their ham steak and eggs and their eggs benedict are really good.
      I actually went tonight and got there chicken corn chowder. YuM!

    2. A few months ago, in the middle of that So. Cal. major cold snap, I met a friend in Studio City location for dinner (his choice) was windy, bitter, miserable outside. I was freezing, had the beginnings of a rabid sore throat, tastebuds were about to go MIA, and not so thrilled to wait in the wake of the takeout traffic watching Celebrity Poker on the plasma screen until he arrived,

      The Vegetable Soup rescued me. An incredibly good broth, and tho' salty as all getout, very tasty and therapeutic. Tons of fresh chopped vegetables, incl.turnips and rutabagas (i know my roots and shoots, those were bagas)- a cup would have been enough. Maybe the salt sparked my tired tastebuds and numbed the throat, but that broth absolutely made that soup.

      1. I will never forget my experience there when visiting my college roommate in L.A. The menu is a monster and all I wanted was tuna on toast with french fries. Not a crazy order. But apparently a special one..... I couldn't get it although they had all those things on the menu. I could get a tuna on toast but only with potato salad or beans or a salad. No fries. And I asked. Nicely. So my friend got something that is allowed to come with fries and I swapped with her.....weird.

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          sounds like the Nicholson toast scene in Five Easy Pieces ;-) ....

        2. We have Jerry's here in Miami too. In my opinion, most of the items on there are better overlooked than considered. However with that said, when the evening hunger pangs hit after a night out and there are no other places open but pizza joints, the food there isn't so bad. I concur that the breakfast items are doable. They do good Corned Beef there. Eggs Benedict was ok. Other than breakfast, Wings at 3am? Yes, and it tastes darn good too. I think it's my favorite thing there at Jerry's.

          1. I like their Matzo ball soup.

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              Their chicken soup is also good especially when you have a cold....

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                Oops...I think you're right...that's what I order, the chicken soup w/matzo ball.

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                    Me too - I even had it delivered once when I had the flu. Pricey but worth it.

                    Had good luck w/their smoked salmon platter and bagel... toasted bagel, tomatoes, fresh onions, capers, salmon and cream cheese... great for a hangover or when you generally need Omega 3s.

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                      Yes -- this soup is good. I also recently got a yogurt smoothie from the take-out counter -- also good. But generally speaking, I avoid Jerry's - way too expensive for what you get.