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Mar 17, 2007 09:51 PM

Need recommendations for the area that I am moving to. National Blvd/overland area.

I am in the process of moving to an apartment on National Blvd close to Overland.
I know that there is Hu's, a vegan place and I think there is a bar close...but what else is in the vicinity and who delivers?

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  1. Harvey's on the S.W. Corner of Motor and Palms.

    Watch out for the 15 min parking on Palms.

    The cheesepastrami is very good. Not a Deli style and the pastrami is grilled

    Huge tasty sandwich with Fries and a Soda Combo for under $10.

    I have been going there for almost 40 years and several owners. Each new owner kept the same delicious cheese pastrami.. The cheese steak is also quite good. Not a philly style.

    1. I don't know who delivers, but on Overland and Rose is a BBQ place that doesn't suck, there is (or was) an Indonesian place cattycorner to Hu's (I never know what to call that intersection -- it's Rose, Mentone, National and National.). El Nopal, home of the "pregnant burrito" is a real gutbuster but tasty.

      Cafe Brazil on Venice and Palms is tasty, but often oversalted.

      1. Sushi Zo is on Palms and National

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          living that close to sushi zo could lead to bankcruptcy

          1. re: westsidegal

            Not for me! I don't care much for sushi.

            1. re: westsidegal

              That's for sure. DH and I have been going about once a week.

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              Second on Sushi Zo..... Just remember this.... I DRIVE 35 MILES TO EAT AT SUSHI ZO.... YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!!

            3. For Indonesian food, Simpang Asia is on National between Overland and Motor Avenues. They are a little market/cafe with a pretty good menu. Practically across the street from them you'll find Indo Cafe - I haven't eaten there since the early 90's but I've recently seen some positive recs on Chowhound.

              On Venice Blvd, two places immediately come to mind: Thai Boom, a small but great Thai restaurant that is not too far from Overland, and Venice Bakery which is a little more towards Sepulveda on Venice Blvd. This bakery serves alot of good Latin (leaning more towards Cuban) baked goods and desserts, but many Hounders like their potato balls.

              You're really close to alot of other eateries mentioned on Chowhound that are on National blvd, Motor Ave, Venice Blvd, and of course you're a stone's throw away from Culver City as well. If you're new to the general area, you will be discovering some great food for yourself through just driving or walking the neighborhood.

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                I second the rec for Thai Boom. Really tasty mango salad and a good consistency to their noodles. I used to go to Natalee Thai a lot, but I stopped once I discovered Thai Boom.

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                  their prik pao is great to have along with their mango salad

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                    Just had another nice meal at Thai Boom. Green mango salad with lots of dried shrimp, prawns and chicken - very tart and refreshing. Bah me with BBQ pork and chinese broccoli was eagerly slurpped down, as was the fried rice with salted fish, and, the prawns in buttery curry sauce, and fried tofu and broccoli with peanut sauce. It's not a fancy place - somewhat small, but the food is very tasty and the service is friendly and attentive.

                2. A bit east is Hogies and Wings for some of the better buffalo wings in LA. It is at Venice Blvd. near Fairfax. They deliver, but I don't know if they deliver as far as National and Overland.

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                    Hoagies and Wings is indeed very good, but their first location is on Venice near Hauser -- further east. I believe they have opened a second location, on La Cienega? Check online -- I think they have a website. Very hardworking and friendly ownership, quite eager to please. The original location is basically a large stand with covered patio seating.