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Need recommendations for the area that I am moving to. National Blvd/overland area.

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I am in the process of moving to an apartment on National Blvd close to Overland.
I know that there is Hu's, a vegan place and I think there is a bar close...but what else is in the vicinity and who delivers?

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  1. Harvey's on the S.W. Corner of Motor and Palms.

    Watch out for the 15 min parking on Palms.

    The cheesepastrami is very good. Not a Deli style and the pastrami is grilled

    Huge tasty sandwich with Fries and a Soda Combo for under $10.

    I have been going there for almost 40 years and several owners. Each new owner kept the same delicious cheese pastrami.. The cheese steak is also quite good. Not a philly style.

    1. I don't know who delivers, but on Overland and Rose is a BBQ place that doesn't suck, there is (or was) an Indonesian place cattycorner to Hu's (I never know what to call that intersection -- it's Rose, Mentone, National and National.). El Nopal, home of the "pregnant burrito" is a real gutbuster but tasty.

      Cafe Brazil on Venice and Palms is tasty, but often oversalted.

      1. Sushi Zo is on Palms and National

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          living that close to sushi zo could lead to bankcruptcy

          1. re: westsidegal

            Not for me! I don't care much for sushi.

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              That's for sure. DH and I have been going about once a week.

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              Second on Sushi Zo..... Just remember this.... I DRIVE 35 MILES TO EAT AT SUSHI ZO.... YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!!

            3. For Indonesian food, Simpang Asia is on National between Overland and Motor Avenues. They are a little market/cafe with a pretty good menu. Practically across the street from them you'll find Indo Cafe - I haven't eaten there since the early 90's but I've recently seen some positive recs on Chowhound.

              On Venice Blvd, two places immediately come to mind: Thai Boom, a small but great Thai restaurant that is not too far from Overland, and Venice Bakery which is a little more towards Sepulveda on Venice Blvd. This bakery serves alot of good Latin (leaning more towards Cuban) baked goods and desserts, but many Hounders like their potato balls.

              You're really close to alot of other eateries mentioned on Chowhound that are on National blvd, Motor Ave, Venice Blvd, and of course you're a stone's throw away from Culver City as well. If you're new to the general area, you will be discovering some great food for yourself through just driving or walking the neighborhood.

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                I second the rec for Thai Boom. Really tasty mango salad and a good consistency to their noodles. I used to go to Natalee Thai a lot, but I stopped once I discovered Thai Boom.

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                  their prik pao is great to have along with their mango salad

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                    Just had another nice meal at Thai Boom. Green mango salad with lots of dried shrimp, prawns and chicken - very tart and refreshing. Bah me with BBQ pork and chinese broccoli was eagerly slurpped down, as was the fried rice with salted fish, and, the prawns in buttery curry sauce, and fried tofu and broccoli with peanut sauce. It's not a fancy place - somewhat small, but the food is very tasty and the service is friendly and attentive.

                2. A bit east is Hogies and Wings for some of the better buffalo wings in LA. It is at Venice Blvd. near Fairfax. They deliver, but I don't know if they deliver as far as National and Overland.

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                    Hoagies and Wings is indeed very good, but their first location is on Venice near Hauser -- further east. I believe they have opened a second location, on La Cienega? Check online -- I think they have a website. Very hardworking and friendly ownership, quite eager to please. The original location is basically a large stand with covered patio seating.

                  2. Giovannis on Venice/Clarington for family run friendly Italian.

                    Tender Greens in down town Culver city for healthy salad, sandwich

                    Gabys on Venice/motor for great mediterranean food.

                    1. My favorite in that neighborhood is Hu's. Go with a group, and share the szechwan spicy dumplings and the kung pao shrimp or another shrimp dish. Their lunch special combo menu only has a handful of choices, though the little Chinese chicken salad served as an appetizer is good.

                      I have had some tasty grilled pastrami and cheesesteak combos at Harvey's with crisp hot fries right out of the fryer. They also have burgers, cheap breakfasts, and their teriyaki rice plates that I've seen others eating look big and good.

                      Another big vote for Thai Boom. With its small seating capacity and limited parking, it is destined to soon be either impossible to get into thru the crowds or, knock on wood, out of business.

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                        I second Harvey's. I have been going there for almost 40 years. Throughout three owners the cheese steak sandwich has remained first spiffy then cool and now awesome. The cheese steak is also good but once I had the cheese pastrami the die was cast.

                      2. For pizza delivery I call Tony Maronis. They are on National at Barrington. Good, not greasy, thin crust pizza. Good "gourmet" toppings if you like that. Also a good greek salad to go with it.

                        1. Oh yeah - speaking of pizza, if The Coup is still there on Palms and National, they used to have some great pizza...

                          1. I second Gaby's. It's good food for very reasonable prices. You can dine in or get it to go.
                            There is also a Chinese place on Overland that delivers called Rice. Their Moo Sho Pork is very good. Also, Overland Cafe on Overland and Charnock is good for brunch or happy hour. They deliver but it depends on the time of day. Dont forget about In N Out on Venice.

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                              and Versailles on Venice blvd for Cuban food.

                            2. I lived right by there for five or so years, five or so years ago. I spent many nights at Irish Times (Motor and National) drinking Guinness and eating pretty crappy bar food.

                              I loved Mama's Pizza on Motor. There's a little Cuban Place, El Rincon Criolla on Sepulveda just south of Culver that blows doors on Versailles for food but not for atmosphere. I've made a point to go back to El Rincon many times since moving. You'll now be right near S&W country kitchen for breakfast. Go early or be ready to wait, worth waiting though. If Victor's Meats is still there next to Bob's Market where Palms, National and Exposition come together, it's a great old-school butcher shop. Gloria's which used to be on Mississippi & Stoner is now right around there on Venice. Good standard mexican food but the Salvadoran food is better and a little more unusual.

                              Is the vegan place you mention the one that's attached to the Hari Krishna temple (Govinda's I think?) If so, it's good and you pay what you can afford, there are no prices.

                              You'll get tons of delivery notices on your door. Beware most of the chinese in the neighborhood except for Hu's (which didn't deliver but may now.) Mama's pizza delivers, there was an italian place next to a dry cleaner called Kristina's that I would get pasta delivered but I never liked their pizza. I would sometimes get Indian from Hurry Curry that was O.K. but cheap and they delivered.

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                                I give a big second to El Rincon Criolla... IMO, they use a deft had in their seasoning (read not oversalt), and alot of their menu items seem more like something you'd get at someone's home.

                                Did you ever try The Coop? I used to enjoy their pizza back in the 80s but don't know if they're still around...

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                                  Coop was there when I moved, not sure anymore. I thought it was good but Mama's was so good, they were my standard.

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                                    Thanks - so Mama's is the new standard for that neighborhood. Two pizza places in that neighborhood that one can count on is priceless...

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                                      Haven't been there in awhile, but I used to get the calzones. I quit going when I had to park 2 blocks away when I picked up a calzone. At least on Sundays back then...maybe I should give it a go again soon. Thanks for the memory jog, "Kevin B."

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                                        I was in the neighborhood yesterday so I dropped into Mama's and it's been fixed up a bit since I last was there. The service was friendly. At first I didn't notice the calzones were on the specials list of the chalkboard. So I ordered the chicken visuvius (something like that) pasta dish which was chicken, mushrooms on some pasta. After I ordered, I asked the server if they still made calzones. She said they did, but she assured me I'd like the chicken dish I ordered. I'm afraid it wasn't all that great to my taste buds. Nothing wrong with it, the ingredients were fine and it was well cooked and hot, but I found it kind of uninteresting. I'll have to head back and try a pizza or calzone, but that pasta dish was not to my liking.

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                                          I was back in the neighborhood last night and decided to try a Mama's
                                          Calzone. The presentation was nice...placed on a white dish the calzone was in the shape of a crescent moon with a small white bowl filled with marinara sauce. Nicely browned and dusted with parmesian cheese (looked suspiciously like the Kraft stuff in a green shaker) with some bits of basil on top. For some odd reason I chose pineapple and canadian bacon. They weren't too generous with the toppings, but it was certainly not too bad. Not the greatest I've had, but reasonable quality and quantity for about ten and half bucks not too bad. If you choose 2 "gourmet toppings" it's a bit over two bucks more. The toppings are listed on the menu. I went to the gelato place around the corner after. The gelato place seems to be an Japanese ex-pat hang out. Pretty decent gelato.

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                                            Where exactly is Mama's? I'm in that neighborhood often, but I can't place it.

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                                              Mama's is on Motor Avenue, just south of National. It's across the street from a liquor store (I think the name of the liquor store is Hill's, Hillis' for something like that). I just checked superpages.com and it lists the address as 3311 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034.

                              2. Great new Mexican joint on National Bl. kinda of hidden between Robertson and Venice right next to the 10 E. fwy entrance called Sabor A Mexico Taqueria & Grill.

                                Truly a place to hit up every thing is made fresh to order so be patient. I had steak, chicken and al pastor tacos and were all delicious, haven't had tacos like this since my last visit in Mexico City with the hand made tortillas. They also had those really rare empanada style quesadillas with the stuffed veggies like mushrooms, potatoes, and squash blossoms, had the mushroom one which was amazing. Recommend this hidden gem.

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                                  I've seen the place...it kind of comes out of nowhere, but it's brightly colored. Since I mention parking above, I might sound like some anti-walker, but I don't mind walking if it's really worth it. The thing is....it didn't appear to be a lot of available parking, or did I miss something? It's the place near the onramp for the 10 freeway east on National.

                                  1. re: Feed_me

                                    It's actually surprisingly easy to park on the street around there, I've never had a problem. Maybe I've just been lucky. When they say made to order, they're not kidding, don't go if you're expecting fast food, but it's very tasty.

                                    1. re: writergirl

                                      Thanks...I have to give it a shot one of these days. I actually like to walk, but sometimes it seems I'd like to park close to my main objective and then later wander about after the meal. KInd of wacky, but I've always been that way.

                                2. Metro Cafe on Washington for Serbian and American dishes well-prepared
                                  Aroma Cafe for bosniak versions. on Overland near the Westside Pavilion.

                                  1. Here are a few local spots...but most are a short car drive away, so if you can't/don't want to drive, you may have to stick with Hu's and Indo Cafe (not a bad thing, at all). Dunno who delivers. May be slightly out of date, haven't lived in the neighborhood for a few years.

                                    10855 Venice Blvd. (Midvale) Palms
                                    Clean, little restaurant that has excellent sauteed chicken breasts, good burrito mojado, and superb “house” chicken and red mole enchiladas (mis enchiladas). Very nicely plated entrees. Very clean and cozy café.

                                    11127 Palms Blvd. (Sawtelle), Palms
                                    Westside branch of the legendary Oaxacan restaurant – the Koreatown location is reputed to be better, but this one’s closer. Terrific mole tamale, clayudas and the best taquitos I’ve ever had. Open for breakfast.

                                    El Camaguey
                                    10925 Venice Blvd. (Greenfield), Palms
                                    El Camaguey is basically a market with all kinds of Latin American produce, meats, breads and groceries, but an unobtrusive window by the butcher counter looks into a small kitchen that turns out huge, overstuffed, take-out boxes of Cuban food. They have pollo asado (roast chicken leg), lechon asado (roast pork), cola de res (oxtail), Cuban sandwiches, and others. These entrees come with huuuuuge helpings of black beans and rice, and fried yuca, sprinkled with mojo de ajo. Not the best, but it's fast and a great value. The butcher counter also has a very good ham, El Paso ham, which would cost twice as much at Ralph’s or Vons. Cuban meals $4.50 - $5.00, El Paso ham ~$3.50/lb..

                                    Venice’s Bakery
                                    10943 Venice Blvd. (Military & Greenfield), Palms
                                    Cuban-style bakery that has good, inexpensive breads, sweet pastries and savory snacks. If you get there early in the morning (~7:00-ish), you can get their bolillos fresh from the oven – hot, crusty and tender…yum! (and only $0.20 each!!!). Their ground beef and chicken pastries, and stuffed potato balls are also very yummy and cheap. Bolillos 5/$1.00, snacks $0.50 - $0.75.

                                    Coppelia’s Bakery & Restaurant
                                    10829 Venice Blvd. (Greenfield & Veteran), Palms
                                    Cuban-style bakery that also sells rotisserie chickens and beef and chicken empanadas. Roast chickens sell out early (usually before 4:00 p.m.). Also sells quite good tacos and burritos. The carnitas is surprisingly tasty. Roast chickens $5.95, empanadas $1.00, tacos $1.25.

                                    India’s Sweets & Spices
                                    9409 Venice Blvd. (Overland), Palms/Culver City
                                    Very inexpensive and convenient vegetarian café/market. Decent veggie, lentil and bean curries and quite good samosa and pakora and other snacks. Also has a selection of interesting Indian sweets.

                                    1. My old neighborhood -- some of the old places are gone. I can recommend Gaby's ( a new place) and would add Bamboo, a caribbean-influenced place on Venice just west of Overland.

                                      1. Grew up a couple of doors down from the Coop--it used to be great for pizza and meatball sandwiches. Hu's was the first Chinese restaurant I remember that just did Szechuan (back in the late 70s) and it's still good. Took my wife there for our first date.

                                        If El Nopal is still there on National it was always pretty good, but my family favored Las Palmas on Venice Blvd. for basic family-style Mexican food.

                                        I assume that Versailles is still there, too? But maybe I shouldn't assume.

                                        Further up Venice (at Sepulveda) there used to be a good hamburger joint called Howard's Famous Bacon and Avocado Burgers. Good onion rings.

                                        Campos Burritos was right there on Venice and Motor.

                                        And the ice cream at Balian's market was great back in the day, not sure if they still sell it.

                                        Of course, continuing up Motor, then the jog onto Westwood Blvd and you're at the Apple Pan...one of the few things I truly miss about living on the Westside... and Juniors, too.

                                        Also, is there still a Ships at Overland and Washington? One of the last real coffee shops in town, I'd say.

                                        Amazing how many memories we have that are tied up with food.

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                                          Hus, Versailles., Howards, Campos, Apple Pan all still there.

                                          Wow havent heard about ships in a long time. Its gone and guess what is there in its place? A starbucks.

                                          1. re: emilymm

                                            Ah, well. As a kid I loved Ship's for the "innovation" of having your own toaster at the table, you could cook your bread as you saw fit. Kind of like Korean BBQ for the breakfast crowd. ;-)

                                          2. re: ruddy

                                            I believe Balian's is gone as well...

                                            1. re: bulavinaka

                                              Next you're going to tell me that Johnny's Pastrami and it's hideous-yet-cool fire pit is also gone? Whither thou, Culver City?

                                              1. re: ruddy

                                                Your memories of mega-stuffed pastrami sandwiches, golden crinkle-cut fries dosed with ketchup spiked with hot mustard, and stacks of onion rings and cold draft beer by the fireside are still safe... Johnnie's Pastrami is still going strong, albeit with 21st century pricing... you'd be shocked what little $10 will get you now... but still worth an occasional visit for old time's sake... and I can't forget those pickles and chile peppers...

                                            2. this thread brings back good culver memories...it's been a couple of years since i lived there, but there's a fast food philipino place in a strip mall on venice - fast food as in panda express style - next to the thai bbq that's across the street and slightly east of natali thai. $6/7 gets you rice and a few items like adobo, deep fried little fishes, oxtail and other goodies on a flimsy styrofoam tray. probably 8-10 items from which to choose/day. they also cater and prepare whole roasted pig, and they sell desserts.

                                              and if previous hounders are recommending as far as apple pan, then there's a good indian buffet across the street from the mall, right on pico. avg to above-avg. on taste, but a great deal. 8 bucks - eat your heart out. weekdays only.

                                              heartily recommend the egg salad sandwich at apple pan.

                                              quadruple cheer for sushi zo. also for victor junior's.