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Mar 17, 2007 08:31 PM

Sushi Mon vs Sushi on Tropicana - Las Vegas

Planning a trip to Las Vegas in late April and am already planning on going to Koto for AYCE sushi. Went there once before and I thought it was excellant. Also tried Makino and was quite disappointed. I am thinking of trying Sushi Mon or Sushi on Tropicana for the $25 or so AYCE menu. I have read decent things on both places. Which was has the better variety of sushi for the AYCE? How is the quality at each place? Does either include Toro or salmon roe with the AYCE? I read that Sushi Mon allowed you to order other items off the menu - do they still allow that? Thanks for any information on either of these two places. Thanks to Chowhound I found Koto - can't wait to go back there. Would also love to find another to try!

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  1. Are you speaking of Sushi Hana on Tropicana & Decatur? If so, that's the best fish I've had in the valley. I wasn't impressed with Sushi Mon. I thought their fish tasted old. Sushi Hana, on the other hand, has some great fish and a huge selection of it. I've not been to Sushi on Tropicana if indeed that's what it's called.

    1. I haven't been on to Sushi on Tropicana, but I believe the system is still the same. You are given a printed list of fish available, and you order them -- in that sense, the sushi is made to order. Expect it to be decent, definitely a step up from stuff that has been sitting around at Makina/Todai type-places. As long as you eat everything you are served, they are remarkably patient. I haven't been to the other places.

      1. Thanks for the comments! Would love to hear more. The Sushi on Tropicana I was refering to is 2625 E Tropicana Ave. I think they are part of a 3 restaurant chain including Sushi on Trop/Rainbow/Summerlin. Looks like Sushi Hana is 5255 S Decatur Blvd so it's a different place (so many choices!). I don't see a website for them, do you recall how much the AYCE was? It's too bad that you didn't like Sushi Mon ( as it looks like the AYCE choices are huge. Well, at the very least I will be returning to Koto - it's currently my gold standard for order off the menu AYCE

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          The AYCE at Sushi Hana was $25. It was some of the freshest and tastiest fish I've ever had at a sushi joint.

        2. It has been about two years since my last visit (largely because of travel, and not a reflection on the food quality) to Sushi on Trop, but at the time they were also running a $1 per piece special. That can make for a relaxing evening if you are with friends, instead of the current "on the clock" trend of so many places. And that price was good throughout the restaurant, not just at the counter, which makes it easier to sit back and relax with some good sake.

          1. Husband and I are from San Francisco and went to Las Vegas last week and went to Koto and thought the sushi was so good and fresh that we went the next night also. I can't imagine anything being better than this. My favorite was the SuperYumYum roll, the maguro nigiri, the cucumber salad, the spicy calamari, the edamame, the plum wine ice cream but it was all good and they don't look at you as if you're eating too much, they actually enjoy bringing you more food. Whenever they saw us not eating or looking at the menu they came over and asked if we'd like to order something else. We love this place and will always go back whenever we're in Vegas!