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Mar 17, 2007 08:24 PM

Suggestions for Prix Fixe Lunch in Las Vegas?

Was in Las Vegas last October and had lunch at Commander's Palace. Was one of the best meals of the trip (the .25 martinis didn't hurt). With CP gone, I am looking for suggestions for good lunch deals in Vegas. Any ideas for Prix fixe lunches or other good lunch deals? I know in the past the Palm has had one which was good.

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  1. Rosemary's does a prix fixe lunch as well - $25 if I remember correctly and it is just as fantastic as dinner. If you have a rental car I would definitely recommend that.

    1. Seconding that long as you have wheels no other deal comes close. If it's a party of two, I recommend sharing an appy (give the Hugo's BBQ Shrimp serious consideration), each ordering a starter and entree and then splitting a dessert (the Goat Cheese Cheescake with Scotch Caramel Sauce should be your 1st choice...Lemon Pudding Cake if you're not a chevre fan.)

      1. I agree with the previous posters that the very best lunch deal in Las Vegas is at Rosemary's. It's a three-course lunch and you can choose from the entire menu including the daily specials. The normal price of the prix fixe lunch is $25 but if you go to Rosemary's web site ( and print out the lunch promo coupon, the price drops to $20.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds unanimous that Rosemary's is the way to go! Hopefully, we will hear CPs return to Vegas soon as well. The .25 cent martinis and the souffle were amazing.

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            How about a $9.95 3-course lunch? Checkout the menu at Opus Too: