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Mar 17, 2007 08:02 PM

best all you can eat non hotel buffet

travelling to Lax in april. looking for a good place for dinner. we prefer the all you can eat so everyone in our group can find something they like.

chinese or any other type buffet would be great. Just want good quality food.

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  1. I can definitely see your point, but might a different strategy work, like shooting out some yays and nays on types of food, budgets, and how far you are willing to travel from LAX? How many people? It almost sounds like you're making a compromise to make everyone so-so about eating, yet you're on the doorstep to some great eats here in LA.

    There's a Home Town Buffet about a few minutes from LAX, but IMHO, it's not really quality food. There's always Soup Plantation, but I only know of the one in Marina del Rey that is about 10-15 minutes if the traffic is decent, and then it is soup/pasta, salad, breads, and dessert - no meaty entrees or "big" food that will sing to you...

    Throw us a bone, and maybe we can help you with more suggestions... Also, there's been a couple of recent posts about 'hounders eating around LAX...

    1. Best buffet in L.A. is at a hotel, the Universal Hilton by Universal Studios. Incredible Chinese seafood and American seafood buffet for just under $40. Very good quality and in my opinion, the best buffet in L.A.

      1. Luminarias Restaurant in Monterey Park has a nice view, but the food is from bleh to decent. Also Onami Seafood Buffet in Torrance. I am not one to go to buffets, but of the ones that my friends have dragged me to they were ok.

        1. dunno if i'd call it 'quality' food, but you might like the buffet at shanghai reds in marina del rey.
          other than the hotels, i can't say that i have found a dinner buffet that is really good.

          1. Since you specified near LAX, I think Pann's would fit your requirements. Very good diner-type food -- many on this board laud their fried chicken wings. Breakfast items sold all day, entrees, daily specials...big portions at reasonable prices. Cannot imagine that anyone in your party would fail to find several items on the huge menu to fit his or her appetite and taste.

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              I haven't been there in ages, but TonyMichaels just gave a writeup on Pann's pattie melt and wings... sounds like this place still's got their game goin'...

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                should be pointed out, though, that pann's is not a buffet style restaurant.