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West Village Brunch

What do ya'll like for W. Village Brunch. I entertain all ideas like diners, more refined brunches and well-knowns (including meatpacking). I am hoping that someone may even touch upon a restaurant I knew more for dinner than breakfast or brunch. Thanks....

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  1. Jane, Good and Agave all have nice brunches.

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      Ditto for Good...that place ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I second the Jane, good, and Agave recs. I'll add Cafe de Bruxelles, Flor's Kitchen, Extra Virgin, Tavern on Jane, Deborah, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Ditch Plains, Florent, and Deborah.

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        ok i have a complaint about jane, so perhaps someone could explain the restaurant-business side of this.

        today my friend and i go to brunch at jane at 11:10; we ordered drinks without realizing it wasn't noon yet. no problem, we'll order our drinks at noon. after the waiter took our food orders, he asked us if we wanted juice. no, we'll just have our drinks (that come complimentary with a brunch choice) at noon. the waiter paused, and lowered his voice and informed us that the drink order has to go in now with the food order. if we want the drinks at noon, we'll be charged for them. ummmmmmok, then we'll just have a virgin and a juice.

        anyone hear of this happening before? my friend and i both thought it was odd. were they trying to turn the table before noon? or make us buy other addons, such as juice or coffee or sparkling water? then how does prune get to serve alcoholic bloody marys before noon?

        jane's brunch was good, but that experience kinda quashed any notion of a return visit--before noon, of course :)

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          During our one and only experience at Jane, I tried to order an alcoholic drink with my brunch and our wait staff told me, and I remember him lowering his voice, that they can only be served at or after noon,

          We didn't wait for noon and, since it wasn't a big deal to me, I just made do with my juice and coffee as my beverages. In any case, I'm also not clear as to why neighboring restaurants can serve alcohol before noon and Jane can't.

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            i have no problem about the blue law--i was just mystified why the "drink order has to go in with the food order". does their restaurant software not allow for the drink to be added in later?

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            It is illegal to serve alcohol before 12 noon on a Sunday. This has happened to me before.

        2. Blue Ribbon Bakery is EXCELLENT. Long wait.

          Tartine, Extra Virgin are also other good options.

          1. I vote for: Westville, Cowgirl, Elephant & Castle, Pink Tea Cup, Cornelia Street Café, Red Bamboo.

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                I second Home. Their shrimp and grits dish is my favorite brunch item in the city!

              2. Flor's Kitchen in absurdly good and (unlike some other suggestions) usually not swamped on the weekend. The Venezuelan breakfast with eggs, shredded beef and palantins is a great change of pace but does exactly what a brunch should.

                For later risers the surya buffet on weekends is good value if you want a curry.

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                  The Garage has great raw bar and unique brunch food.

                2. Tartine and Blue Ribbon Bakery. If you go to Tartine, go on a nice day, because you will wait on line to get in.

                  1. I really like the cozy, French-inspired restaurant, Alexandra on Hudson near Barrow. The almond-encrusted French toast is terrific. I have not tried any of their other brunch items, but it's generally easy to get a seat and the place has a lot of charm.

                    1. I have to second the Westville recommendation - love their Turkey Hash & Eggs. For a little more upscale go right around the corner to August, which is also outstanding. One place NOT to go: Les Deux Gamins (w.4th/w.10th). We were there this morning and the service was horribly slow and inefficient and the food was medicore and over-priced. Much better french bistros for brunch are A.O.C. and French Roast.

                      1. Slightly up north but on the west side I LOVE cookshop for brunch. Their egg dishes are my favorite. So is the spicy fries. Their dinner does not disappoint either.

                        1. In spite of the wait for a table, we've always enjoyed our brunch at Tartine.
                          Terrific fresh-baked breads that go with their French-inspired dishes.