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Dinner For One Downtown Seattle

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I'll be traveling for business and would like to get a nice (but not super upscale) dinner for one. Any recommendations for downtown Seattle? I prefer somewhere where business casual attire and a woman on her own wouldn't be a problem. TIA!

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  1. The bars at Palace Kitchen, Lola, or Union would fit the bill very nicely. Matt's In the Market, too, if you'll be here after they reopen in mid-April (they're closed for expansion now.)

    1. The bar at Cafe Campagne at Pike Place Market...French bistro food that's excellent...and you'll feel like you're in a foreign country....

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        I agree with "sj." Cafe Campagne (the cafe not the restaurant) was my first thought. Their bar is nice and not bar-y, meaning you don't need to worry about getting picked up. You always people reading the paper or whatever. It's OK to be alone there, not an invitation. Which a concern I had about the Palace and Lola. Andaluca is indeed tasty suggestion, but I'd say definitely considered upscale.

      2. I second the Palace Kitchen, I've met some very interesting people while dining at the bar and the food is terrific. It's also just a fun place in general.

        1. although i like the cooking at Palace kitchen, I get more of a meat market vibe there, and it scores low on service and comfort in my book, if such things matter to you. if you're looking for a place with a brighter, more airy feel, try Steelhead Diner (Pine below 1st), or for something a bit more upscale, Barolo (Virginia and 6th/7th). For something really light, try the duck pot pie w/ greens at Vessel bar (5th and University/Union) with a Marmalade Sour.

          1. I agree with barleywino about Palace Kitchen. Unless you are open to possible flirtation it would not be my choice as a solo women diner. Andaluca in the Mayflower Hotel would be a good choice. My experience with the service has always been good. If it is not crowded ask for a booth and you will have privacy. The lamb dishes there have always been excellent.

            1. SAZERAC in the Monaco Hotel downtown. Reliably good and interesting southern/cajun inspired cookin' with a fun/comfortable/sophisticated atmosphere...different for the Pacific NW.

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                Staffstuff, Nice suggestion! Sazerac is off the local Chowhound radar and is really quite good. Often we don't know where Hounds are traveling from; it's certainly a great option if your from Iowa.....

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                  I spent many a dinner solo when I lived Downtown. I had nice times at Brasa-go for Happy Hour, Flying Fish can be fun, if you can make it to Lower Queen Anne try Crow or Moxie. I always opted for snacks at the bar.