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Mar 17, 2007 06:43 PM

B-day dinner party: Les enfants terribles or lil' frankies?

I'm organizing a small group of friends (6-8) to go to dinner before a night on the town to celebrate my birthday. I'm torn between Les enfants and lil frankies. I'd prefer something a little nicer than pizza, but I've heard mixed reviews about les enfants. Any feedback? Other ideas in the area?

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  1. Les Enfants has a great atmosphere but it is a nightmare for 6-8 people. I organized a dinner for five people about a year ago there and will never do that agin. Reservations don't mean much there, it is sooo loud, and the food is mediocre. Again - I love the atmosphere and enjoy going for drinks with one friend, but not a group. But does little Frankie's take ressies?

    1. Attended a birthday dinner at Lil Frankie's this weekend. There were about 20 of us, at least. They seated us in the back room, so it wasn't as loud and crowded as the front of the restaurant. They did a pretty good job of bringing out all of our food at once, and relatively quickly. Oh, and they do take reservations.

      1. Lil Frankie's has a great round table in the back room that is wonderful for groups. 8 should be enough to fill it. I've taken large groups there twice (on Sat. night) and sat at that table. When I called to make the reservation, they made a note that I wanted the round table, but said that they couldn't guarantee it. Both times, however, it worked out. My one experience with Les Enfants Terribles was shortly after it opened several years ago and very positive (no problem with 5 people, great food and atmosphere), but it was so long ago that it probably has little bearing on the scene there today.

        1. The atmosphere, incredible wine list, delicious pizzas and delicious tirimasu make lil Frankies a very nice place to eat. The aforementioned round table in the back room would be perfect for you. I have been there several times but les enfants terrible, only once. while it was fun to be there and in a very cool corner location, the food was very dissapointing and not at all memorable. I don't recall what I ordered, perhaps the special, but I do recall being unimpressed.

          1. Lil Frankies it is!! Thanks guys!