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Red Robin- First Visit Reviews

Went to Red Robin today in SOuth Plainfield, NJ for my first time. I really like Red Robin a lot. I ordered the Royal Red Robin Burger medium rare with Onion Rings. The burger came out overcooked so I sent it back, but they were very apologetic and brought me out a whole new burger with new onion rings and fries cooked to medium rare perfection! They also didn't charge us for the drinks which they didnt have to do. I also had a strawberry shake which was absolutely delicious. Everyone liked what they ordered so we will definitely be back. Definitely one of the better burgers I have had in some time. The fried egg adds a little something extra. The steak fries were piping hot and seasoned perfectly! Some of the better fries you'll find in a chain in my opinion and they are bottomless nonetheless. Definitely a really good place for some burgers, fries, rings, and shakes. Two thumbs up for Red Robin everyone!!!!

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  1. When they first opened up in CA, they use to serve Whiskey River BBQ Ribs. My friend and I liked them so much that we asked to buy some sauce, they manager told us that it wasn't available, but he gave each of us a container full. That was nearly 20 years ago and they no longer have the ribs, but that experience made me a loyal customer. When I worked in the mall, that was one of our lunch places. I love the One Great Chicken Burger with BBQ sauce on the side. Agree with you on the fries, and I like them a bit soggy with thier seasoning sauce.

    1. I'm a fan of the Pot Roast burger, but could care less about the endless fries. I like mine really crisp and those big steakhouse style planks just don't work. Good drinks too!

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        Have you tried ordering your fries extra crispy? They make a heck of a lot of difference. I also don't like their regular steak fries, but their extra crispy ones are yummy.

      2. I've never ventured away from the burgers and fries, but I've always been pleased by them. I like the bacon cheeseburger and the guacamole burger.

        1. I love Red Robin because they offer turkey, veggie, chicken and salmon "burgers" in addition to the regular burgers. I'm excited because RR is opening soon near me; I've missed the place.

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            Ditto on the veggie burger choices -- they offer a Boca patty that seems thicker than the ones you can buy in the store, so it actually stands up to the bun and all the toppings (although it does irk me that they charge extra for it). I love the Banzai burger -- great combo of pineapple and cheddar cheese. And I think they put crack in the seasoning that's on the table for the fries... I'm drooling right now just thinking about it.

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              Yep, my SO doesn't eat red meat, so having a place where I can get a burger and she has lots and lots of options is good. Red Robin has one of the more expansive non-red meat menus of large chains.

              Granted, she's a gem and endulges my In n Out love as well (happily, she likes fries a lot).

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                she can do a grilled cheese there

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                  I keep telling her that...she has an irrational fear of american cheese slices.

          2. Has anyone tried a peach or banana shake from there? I had the strawberry and it was awesome. Next time I am gunna have the Cookie Magic but I was wondeirng about the others too.

            1. Their turkey burger with chipolte mayo is sooooooooo great. One of my favorite work lunches.

              1. I do like Red Robin a lot. I love their Fish Burger and their BBQ burgers and I adore the fact that you get as many steak fries as you wish. Plus, they have seasoning salt on the table which is a big plus for me since I think they make the fries that much better.

                1. Guess I'm in the minority here. Got there early before the lunch rush, and they still had the tvs cranked up to "Deafening." Ordered a burger and wasn't impressed: standard pre-formed patty, nothing special. Fairly dry, for medium rare too. Fries were good, but wouldn't go out of my way for them.

                  1. I really like Red Robin. It's about the only burger-type chain that I truly enjoy consistently. We moved out of state so we haven't been there for a couple of years, but they were good back then. Bottomless fries is a great marketing tool. Instead of piling them up and everyone leaving their plates half full with wasted fries, they give you a portion that you can actually finish. I rarely ordered seconds...seems to me to be a great way to save money and provide customer service in the process. They've got an awesome turkey burger, too!

                    1. Red Robin is the place we go to whenever have a hankering for a burger. The burgers are always cooked perfectly (some pink) and loaded with tons of fresh toppings. I always order the Royal Red Robin (with some raw white onion) because I love the addition of the fried egg. It's a real belly-buster, but so very, very good. My husband alternates between the Whiskey River and the 'Shroom Burger. We always order the fries extra crispy and split a banana milkshake. Yum!

                      1. this discussion is making me hungry!!

                        Living in Toronto, I sometimes get a big hankering for one of the US chains - I think it's a grass greener elsewhere thing -when you don't have something, it makes it seem all the more appealing. The border at Niagara Falls is only a little over an hour away, and the Buffalo area, just across the border, now has a Cheesecake Factory (yeah!), and now a Red Robin, which is definately on my list to try. Oh, they also have the Original Pancake House in Buffalo, another chain that isn't in Canada - my wife and I love to go there and share one of the huge baked apple cinammon pancakes: Yum!

                        1. I love, love, love their whisky river bbq chicken burger! we used to live 10 minutes from a RR, I miss it! :(

                          1. I went to Red Robin last Saturday with my wife, and mom. First impressions, there are are alot of folks that bring their kids here.

                            I had the Royal Red Robin Burger, and really enjoyed it. I found it weird that instead of asking what temperature you want your burger cooked to they ask "some pink, or no pink". I like my burgers Medium rare, so I went with "some pink". The burger was cooked well,and flavorfull, and the fried egg on it was a great touch. I have been craving for another one the last couple of days, and may have to go there for lunch tomorrow.

                            For a chain burger, not to bad.

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                              Is adding an egg to a burger something new? I don't know of anywhere locally ( central NJ ) that does this.

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                                I have seen it at a few bars I have gone to in the past(sometimes called a hangover burger), and have never had the guts to order it. I am sorry I missed out on those other oportunities. For me the yolk adds alot of flavor, and the egg adds a nice/different texture to the burger.

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                                  I love the Royal Red Robin and always try to make the last bite a combo of the egg yolk, burger and all the toppings. Extremely delicious!

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                                    I love it. In Charlottesville, Virginia there is a place called "The White Spot" that serves the "Gusburger" which is a cheeseburger with the works and a fried egg. Since The White Spot stays open until just after all of the, oh, 15 or so bars within a 3 block walk, they do rather well late at night on the weekends, as you might expect. I always loved seeing the entire griddle loaded, half with burger patties and the other half with eggs. They'd just crank them out and hand them over the counter and pretty much everyone in the place would wolf them down. I was so happy to find that Red Robin had the egg option once I left C'ville. Best thing on a burger in my opinion.

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                                      I just wanted to say this little side discussion made me choose the Royal Burger for the first time in a while at Red Robin last night. Wow, the place was full of kids (it is a lot of times when we go), but it's still a good treat now and then. Not world beating, not can't-miss fantastic, but they do a decent job overall as a chain, and I've visited a few different locations and found it pretty consistent.

                            2. In Canada, they used to have double fried fries. They were wedges and were absolutely fantastic. Then they switched to those heinous steakhouse fries. That's when I stopped going.

                              1. I try to keep the mindset of "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"...that being said, we went to RR friday evening. My wife thought it was OK, i was disappointed. It wasn't any one thing in particular, just the whole experience...the shakes, which I've read were "huge", really weren't, and the RR royal reminded me of burger from chili's or appleby's....maybe it's the shredded lettuce, which I'm not a fan of. Also, I try never to judge a chain or restaurant by one server, but ours wasn't quite on the ball. I'm sure I'll try it again, but the price premium they charge over fuddrucker's isn't worth it, IMHO.

                                ...then again, RR serves liquor, so score one for them there...

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                                  Fuddruckers near me at least serves beer, possibly other liquor as well.

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                                    Interesting, because I love shredded lettuce on burgers, and hate it when they just put a big piece of lettuce on the patty.

                                  2. I seem to end up at Red Robin on a fairly regular basis, although I haven't ever tried the Royal Red Robin Burger (Usually I go for the guacamole burger,) I find that the place tends to be a bit noisy at times (not so much if you go later in the evening though) but the food is pretty consistient, and I like the shakes as well. They also have no ptoblem with splitting items between two people, which is nice since some of the stuff can be a lot of food. Red Robin seems to be the default "hangout" place around here for a lot of people, although that's probably as much a lack of other options as anything else.

                                    As for Fuddruckers, I tried one when I was on my recent roadtrip, and was disappointed. The place seems to be more quantity than quality, and the burger seemed a bit undercooked to me (I don't much care for medium rare.)