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Mar 17, 2007 05:52 PM

Your at home patio bar experience

I am looking for a bar to be used outside for cocktail hour/wine tasting. Never having owned one before I don't know what features are 'must haves' and which features are 'would be nice to have if you can find/afford it'. I'd also like to know what to stay away from as well. Before I plunk down my $ to buy one or have one made I thought I'd seek a little guidance. At this stage I am looking for features and what has worked and not worked for fellow hounds. While sources for products are appreciated it is not neccessary. Any input is appreciated. While my budget isn't big the space I have is.

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  1. Big & deep sink(s) for continual washing up; space for draining glasses; built in ice-maker with big insulated chest (just for ice); BIG built in insulated box to put in ice and to jam in bottles of beer or whatever; glass-front refs with sliding doors (for chilled drinks); counter space; space for the booze and rack for the wine; lots (more) space for glasses.