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Mar 17, 2007 05:23 PM

how long does kimchee keep?

I heard that it gets sour after a while. How long can I keep it before I have to chuck it?

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  1. It'll be good for at least a few months. It does get more sour as time goes by, but I actually prefer it more fermented. Also, sour kimchi is the basis for some delicious Korean stews.

    1. Two-hundred and forty-six years, 243 days, 13 hours, 6 minutes, and 28 seconds, give or take depending on container and temperature.

      1. kim chee is one store bought product that REALLY NEEDS a "best if consumed by" date on the label. it cant actually go bad but it can easily become sour and soggy (i prefer crisp and not soggy). so there is always a kim chee guessing game going on as to whether the contents will be enjoyable ( depending on your tastes). even in korean markets

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          I can usually tell how "fresh" a jar of kimchee is by looking at the cabbage itself. I like mine more fermented, so I look for it to be less white and opague and more translucent. I'll dig around the refrigerated case until I find the jar that has aged enough for me. :) Since you like it not very aged, I would look for those w/very white, firm cabbage and very green leaves.

        2. what would be more useful than a "best if consumed by date "is a "made on" or "packaged on" date because as you say, "best consumption" rate is so subjective. I agree, I hate sour kimchee, having had it inflicted upon me in all of its pungent stages since birth and I always hesitate to buy it for that reason. I scutinize the color and viscosity of the juice, the plumpness of the green onions... and all in vain.

          1. See, if the kimchee is too 'old' for your personal plain consumption taste, you can use the soured kimchee for kimchee jigae. The sourer, the better for jigae. I actually prefer kimchee cooked to eaten fresh.