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Mar 17, 2007 05:10 PM

Best sites for food photography

I'm looking for good sites for food photos. They seems to inspire me to cook better. Here's my current favorite.

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  1. Try La Tartine Gourmand. Beautiful, beautiful food photos.

    Currently she's on vacation and there are more non-food photos than usual. Scroll down and look at recent archives to see a range of stunning photos.

    1. This is a great topic. Thank you both. I just came across this site:

      It's facinating to see the choices people make when setting up a shot.

      1. Similar to tastespotting is though a lot of the photos overlap (people - myself included) cross post on both of them as they get more hits on their blog that way (hey, traffic's traffic right?). I know that whenever my photos get picked up on either of them, I get a spike in hits.

        Serious Eats also has a version called Photograzing at - though it's less active.

        For a personal food photographer site, my current favorite is his stuff is excellent, and he's quite witty. He's definitely more stylized (his partner is a food stylist, and he does work for Martha Stewart) but it's a step up from the foodgawker/tastespotting photos you get. Those are really all about highlighting the food. Matt Armendariz is about making a really great photograph that happen to have food in them. There's definitely a difference.

        1. Few blogs come close to the standard set by Saveur, especially its published images. Most online shots I see are too flat, too taxidermic, too standardized--almost reminiscent of Japanese plastic resto displays. The generic lighting/poor lighting control, even colour temp issues, are usually the problems.

          1. this one is new to me....pretty appetizing!
            the cool thing is you can then link to the photographers' food blogs.

            e.g., this gourmet traveller is nice: