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Mar 17, 2007 05:10 PM

Best sites for food photography

I'm looking for good sites for food photos. They seems to inspire me to cook better. Here's my current favorite. www.tastespotting.com

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  1. Try La Tartine Gourmand. Beautiful, beautiful food photos.

    Currently she's on vacation and there are more non-food photos than usual. Scroll down and look at recent archives to see a range of stunning photos.


    1. This is a great topic. Thank you both. I just came across this site:


      It's facinating to see the choices people make when setting up a shot.

      1. Similar to tastespotting is www.foodgawker.com though a lot of the photos overlap (people - myself included) cross post on both of them as they get more hits on their blog that way (hey, traffic's traffic right?). I know that whenever my photos get picked up on either of them, I get a spike in hits.

        Serious Eats also has a version called Photograzing at photograzing.seriouseats.com - though it's less active.

        For a personal food photographer site, my current favorite is www.mattbites.com his stuff is excellent, and he's quite witty. He's definitely more stylized (his partner is a food stylist, and he does work for Martha Stewart) but it's a step up from the foodgawker/tastespotting photos you get. Those are really all about highlighting the food. Matt Armendariz is about making a really great photograph that happen to have food in them. There's definitely a difference.

        1. Few blogs come close to the standard set by Saveur, especially its published images. Most online shots I see are too flat, too taxidermic, too standardized--almost reminiscent of Japanese plastic resto displays. The generic lighting/poor lighting control, even colour temp issues, are usually the problems.

          1. this one is new to me....pretty appetizing! http://donteatthatyet.com/
            the cool thing is you can then link to the photographers' food blogs.

            e.g., this gourmet traveller is nice: http://gourmettraveller.wordpress.com...