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Mar 17, 2007 05:08 PM

Sushi Weho or Hollywood?

The bf and i are looking for early sushi tonight. To be fair - we aren't real sushi eaters. we love crab/spicy tuna/shrimp/scallop kinds of things (think: koi, yu-n-mi, roku before it was awful). any thoughts? i made a reservation at mako b/c it's wonderful but it's not exactly what we were looking for...

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  1. What about katana or Blowfish both on Sunset?

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    1. re: cls

      Blowfish? Oh my goodness. Went there about a couple years ago, and there was a HUGE fishbone in my albacore (I think, it was). When I spit it out, they didn't bother giving me a new order, and I was charged for it. Do you actually think this place is good?

      And, Katana? Isn't that more of a scene, for someone who can't get into Koi?

    2. Prefer Katana to Blowfish personally. There's also Fat Fish in the area on Robertson, but I'd do Katana over that. Yamashiro too, if you'd like a great view and more innovative less serious sushi...

      1. wa. on la cienega between santa monica and sunset. great service, great food.

        1. check out ari-ya on santa monica blvd. in weho.... or hirozen at orlando/beverly