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Mar 17, 2007 04:45 PM

What places should ever person dine at in Southern California ?

I may be moving away from Southern California soon,what places MUST I try before leaving ?

Thanks for your advice.

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  1. Look at last year's untimate resto list. But really, isn't the point that everyone has different taste so no two should walk lock step into all the same exact joints?

    1. If I were leaving LA (and presumably not moving to Oaxaca) I would eat at Guelaguetza.

      1. Have you looked through this thread? If not it should give you some good ideas.

        1. Good tip ,which place would you recommend I try this weekend ?

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            What's your favorite type of food or what country does it originate from?

          2. i suggest the restaurants that helped put l.a. on the map. for example, spago and in 'n out.

            spago helped launch wolfgang puck's career as a celebrity chef but it also helped put, not just la but, california cuisine on the map. spago is no longer at its original location where its interior design was also innovative (putting its kitchen on display and in plain view of the dining area), but it's still an important restaurant, culinarily speaking.

            in 'n out also put la on the map for being a fast food restaurant that provides high quality, fresh ingredients.