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DineIn Brooklyn- any sleepers?

Every year, people discuss how normally wonderful restaurants serve sub par meals for DineIn Brooklyn. I'm not necessarily looking for a rehash of the philosophy of prixe fixe weeks such as this.

Instead, are there places worth going to for DineIn that serve a great prixe fixe and really offer an especially great meal at a great price??? For instance, I love that applewood offered 10 or 20 wines for $20 or under. I didn't love their prixe fixe offerings, but was enchanted with the low priced wine list.

For me, I've hit most of the Park Slope offerings over the years. This year, I'm going to take my chances and wait out a table at Dumont (no reservations, yikes!) and made reservations at Downtown Atlantic. I'm surprised to see virtually no offerings in Red Hook. And, if I'm lucky, lunch at Stone Park. I had a fantastic DineIn dinner there two years ago. Oh well...

I love food and an excuse to have a great meal and know exactly what I'm going to spend!

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  1. We loved the Dine In Bklyn Prix Fixe at TEMPO. The only one that was totally disappointing was JOLIE. Teentsy portions, and too much attitude.

    1. We had a delicious meal at Tempo last year. I made two reservations with them for DIB next week. They feature next weeks menu online www.tempobrooklyn.com

      I already have my choices picked
      app.- sweet pea & ricotta bruschetta with mint
      main- Grilled Hanger steak w/ cabreles cheese tater tots. Yum!
      dessert- lemon ginger creme brule w/ ginger cat's tongue? I think that's a type of cookie.

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        I ate at Tempo last night, and although the food was good it was the most horrific service I have ever experienced at a restaurant in NYC. The appetizers and dessert were excelent, I ordered the polenta but received the duck pastilla and decided to keep it once I saw it. The torte and the creme brulee were also both excellent.

        Besides the two middle aged gentleman working the front of the restaurant ( managers?) the entire staff seemed cold and unproffessional. It took me 15 minutes to order a glass of wine as we waited for our table, even though there were no other patrons ordering drinks at the bar. The 2 bartenders were amazing at not making eye contact and just left me standing there the entire time until I had to shout for one of them to get their attention.

        The meal started off well besides the happy accident of getting the pastilla instead of the polenta, but when we finished our main course, we were basically forotten about. As we were engrossed in conversation it did not matter at first, but 30 minutes later with no one coming by or table, and the staff ignoring eye contact and hand gestures, one of us finally got up and walked accross the restaurant to ask the host if our meal was going to be finished being served.

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          Went to Tempo on Monday and had a very disappointing experience, too:


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            I was at Tempo last night and had just the opposite experience-service was excellent as was the food -sweetbreads, polenta, bucatini, salmon, creme brulee and sorbetti. And the receipt included an offer of 15% off dining in April.

      2. I dont know whether any of these are "sleepers" but the sure bets are Tempo, Applewood, Chestnut, & River Cafe (lunch). I'd also guess that Tanoreen, Rose Water, Downtown Atlantic & Bouillabaisse are very safe bets. Last year, we were very pleasantly surprised by Scopello & I'd guess that Le Petit Marche, Aliseo, baci & abbracci & Picket Fence have good shots at being worth it, since their owners are friendly and probably wont ruin it the way Stone Park did last year.

        1. Upon calling for a DIB reservation, I was told that Tempo is only offering the Dine in Brooklyn menu - the full menu is not available. At first I was a little dissapointed thinking there was only gonna be a few options like last year - but I went online (thanks Mulberry!) and wow! I can't believe how many choices they are offering for the price! I definately plan on raiding their wine list with what I'll be saving on dinner!

          And it's strange - I was hoping to do a double Carroll corner hit and go to Al di La the next night - but they're not participating. I gotta say, I think that is a little un-neighhborly.

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            I'm in for Applewood, Stone Park lunch (if I can schedule it) and now probably Tempo based on this thread. That's brilliant, doing an all DIB menu.

            We're also thinking about Rosewater - how did they DIB last year?

            Tanoreen is probably the sleeper of the lot - $20 goes far there on a regular day.

            I'm glad al di la didn't throw in - and Stone Park as lunch only for that matter from what was reported previously about their attitude - places shouldn't participate at all if they don't want to deal with bargain-hunting hordes!

          2. We've never participated before (having heard such bad stories about restaurant week mediocrity), but this year we have rez's next week for Lunetta and Applewood.

            1. DIB is a great promotion and a nice way to introduce Brooklyn as the It choice for fine dining. I agree with you, I wish restaurant will offer their regular menu on top of the prix fixe chosen for the week. But overall I find it to be a great opportunity and fun experience

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                Don't know for sure this year, but I know that last year applewood offered the regular menu as well, because I ordered off of it (and still got the $10 DIB gift cert at the end).

              2. It says March 19th - 30th - does this include Friday and Saturday nights?

                1. It does for some, but not others apparently. I have reservations for Applewood this Saturday, but River Cafe was not making weekend reservations. Call your restaurant of choice and see.

                  1. Has anyone done Applewood's DIB menu? I have reservations for Thursday.

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                      i am also curious about the applewood DIB menu

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                        Its posted on their website...applewoodny.com

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                          Seriously disappointing. I was very, very underwhelmed.

                      2. So last night my gf and I went for a quick dinner in the 'hood at Pete's Waterfront Ale House in Bk Hts. We went in for beers & burgers, but were pleasantly surprised to see that they were offering a 2 for $21.12 (!!) deal. The meal is called "Pig Out for 2" and we just had to go for it. For $21.12 you get a nice sized portion of sweet potato fries (perfectly crispy) and two individual servings of coleslaw (refreshing and had a nice kick with mustard grains). The "pig out" part consists of a large plate piled high with various BBQ items. The items were (and I list them in order of tastiness) - ribs (meaty and not too saucey), pulled pork (tangy but portion could have been bigger), chicken (very moist but a little greasy), and brisket (kind of dry).

                        Overall, a total steal at $21.12 for two people. However, the portion is HUGE and you'll probably eat more than you should - resulting in a middle-of-the-night "Ugh, I feel like a piece of BBQ myself!!!" moment (which happened to both me & my gf).

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                          hah! The girlfriend wouldn't share the BBQ platter with me last night (she wanted the catfish with crawfish sauce), so I was forced to just get a pork sandwich. The table next to us ordered the BBQ though, and it looked enormous.

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                            If my boyfriend had been with me when I went to Waterfront on Wednesday, I would TOTALLY have gone for the Pig-Out for 2. I'm jealous.

                            As it is, I ended up having the homemade smoked salmon, buffalo burger, and the bread pudding. Smoked salmon -- very good. Burger -- good. Bread pudding -- outstanding.

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                              Is the pig out special available throught the 30'th?

                          2. Just posted a summary of my meal at Ici last night before seeing this thread, but it was fantastic, the food options were great and the portions large, I am usually tempted to do the regular menu once I sit down, but no need last night.

                            1. how did Downtown Atlantic Turn out? very curious to see what they offered.

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                                I had the salad with hearts of palm, the pork chop smothered in sauerkraut w/mashed potatoes and a cup cake. Verrrry nice. And I had a beer. Well, okay, two.

                              2. I've never been disappointed in 4 years of going to DuMont. I'm sure you'll love it. Also, Aurora is a great pick for Williamsburg. Those two, and maybe Bamonte's (classic old-timey Italian) are the only ones on the dine-in list that I think are worth the shot.