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Mar 17, 2007 04:27 PM

Las Vegas Restaurants?

I'm going to be in Vegas for a few days and am trying to choose between Alize at the Palms and Mix. Can anyone who's been to them give me the pros and cons of each? I really appreciate it!

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  1. i can only comment on mix...i was there a few days ago - had drinks and apps - before this visit, i was there about 2 years ago.....i was very disappointed in my recent visit. ultra slow service, cold food - i sent back twice and damn expensive !!

    alize is an outpost of andre's ( still open in downtown on 6th street ) if alize is like andre's, i would try alize over mix for sure...

    given their respective locations, are you trying to get a nice meal with a view ? personally, i would eat at mandalay on the 1st floor, then make the trip to mix for after dinner drinks - it's an awesome view of the strip and the bathrooms even give you a great view !!!

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      Thanks for the insight. I've been reading a good amount of poor reviews about mix, hard to believe with such an amazing chef. Alize on the other hand has been pretty consistent on good reviews. I think alize is also a little less expensive. I also plan on going to burger bar and bouchon while we're there, so if anybody has been to these recently then I'd love to hear about what you thought.

    2. i've been in vegas for 6 days now...part biz, part march madness, and i'm really making the rounds - so far, this week, been to FIX (bellagio ), RM Seafood ( mandalay ), Burger Bar ( mandalay ) , carnegie deli ( mirage ), the obligatory dim sum ( changs ) , and others...a review with some pics will be done in a few days...i loved burger bar ( no pics on that one ) - it ain't cheap but an angus beef, added blue cheese, bacon and carmelized onions, with onion rings....awesome !!! the bill for 3 of us ( and we split 2 burgers between us ) a couple sodas and one beer...$ ain't micky d's !!!

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        Thanks again for your help. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures and reading what you thought of all of those restaurants. It's the first time we're going and I don't think we'll get to go back to Vegas for a while so I want to be sure of the places we choose to eat.

      2. I would definitely follow the advice of just having a drink at Mix. I've eaten at both; Alize is very good, traditional French food, with a very pretty room and great views. Very good service, as well. Mix is a fantastic room, and there is a balcony, but the food is mediocre and VERY expensive for what it is.

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          Thanks for your help, I've been reading on various sites that Mix gets a lot of mixed reviews. What did you have at Alize and what would you recommend?

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            I haven't been in a while, but it's my recollection that I had the warm foie gras appetizer (very good) and a fish special, and my so had the veal three ways, also excellent. The other time I went I had the lobster salad and a soup, no entree; the lobster salad is also quite tasty. They had no problem with that. The menu is traditional and the service is excellent, but not stuffy. I also love Bouchon, and recommend the specials and also the chicken, which guests of ours described as the best chicken ever. Burger Bar is also tasty, but I stick with the simple stuff there, and get the burger that is one step up from the basic one....and it's quite tasty. Don't feel the need for the kobe burger....

        2. dining at emeril's on a saturday night. Any buffet or kid friendly recs? Will be in town on thursday thru sunday.